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12:07pm Dec 30 2016

Fantasy Premier League Premium Picks and Differentials to guide you though Gameweek 19 and in to the New Year…

The biggest focus this week will be on the return of a little Argentinian by the name of Aguero. Despite his suspensions and Pep’s rotation policies, many consider Sergio to be the ultimate must-have in the game.

But things really may have changed this year and getting this decision right could be the difference between leading the pack and mid table obscurity.

One of the reasons he was so important was his high ownership, but after a 4 game suspension he has become a bit of a differential for the time being. Furthermore, Costa returns from suspension, Ibra is in scintillating form, and Kane got back on the score-sheet after a disappointing couple of weeks.

Even Lukaku can make a case for being in your team; so who to choose?

This gameweek will mark the midway point of the Premier League season and that means one thing. No it’s not that the table is taking shape, or that the January transfer window is near, or that Coutinho is nearing a return.

Okay it is all those things, but more importantly – it means that team values are now varying greatly; therefore, we are no longer necessarily on an even playing field. Many have taken advantage of price rises, allowing them to stack their team with multiple luxury players.

This is achieved by getting players in before they hit that run of form that forces everybody to get them, this is of course difficult but we’re here to help. The most popular tactic among the top players at the moment appears to be having 4 of Hazard/Sanchez/Ibra/Costa/Aguero; perhaps Kane will be added to the list soon.

To make such a team feasible requires some shrewd acquisitions from the bargain bucket. So which premium players do you need and who should you get to enable them; no matter what your budget here are some suggestions for you to consider.


Víctor Valdés – Middlesbrough

  • £4.5m
  • 5.4%
  • 3
  • Manchester United (A)

The injury to Jordan Pickford was a bitter pill to swallow for many of us, for those that had a combination of Pickford and Jakupovic a goalkeeping change has suddenly become of the utmost importance.

If you’re looking to keep it cheap then the obvious choice has to be Valdés. Only 4 teams have conceded less than ‘Brough and none of them have a keeper as cheap as Valdes. Furthermore, after a tough trip to Old Trafford, Middlesbrough face Leicester and Watford so both saves and clean-sheet points are on offer.

Hugo Lloris – Spurs

  • £5.5m
  • 7.4%
  • 2
  • Watford (A)

Of course, if you do have money to spare you can’t go wrong with the Spurs stopper. Tottenham have the second tightest defence in the league and with fixtures against West Brom and Watford coming up, there is certainly clean sheet potential.

Unfortunately, Lloris and the team face a trip to Stamford Bridge in Gameweek 20, but all the defensively solid top teams have at least one tough fixture in the next three gameweeks so, well worth a punt in my opinion.


Chris Brunt – West Brom

  • £5.0m
  • 1.8%
  • 2
  • Southampton (A)

Cedric and Jones remain very good options at this price but there’s a reason we’re opting for Chris Brunt this week. Being a defender in a team with a reputation for defensive solidarity will always put you in consideration thanks to those 4 points for each clean sheet.

However, it’s the chance at attacking returns that really drive up a defender’s price and popularity, take Hector Bellerin’s £6.4m price as an example.  How lucky we are then that Brunt has recorded just as many assists as Bellerin and scored one more despite missing the first 7 games of the season.

If you didn’t know that Brunt was playing as a winger for West Brom despite being listed as a defender priced at just £5m now you do.

Marcos Alonso – Chelsea

  • £6.4m
  • 9.6%
  • 6
  • Stoke City (H)

Chelsea is still the strongest defence in the league and at this point I’m sure you all own at least a defensive asset or two. With just 11 goals conceded and fixtures against Stoke and Leicester coming up, more clean sheets are on the horizon.

This isn’t the first time we’ve told you to get Alonso but we won’t overlook him for fear of repetition. The most attacking player in the Chelsea back-line is as close to essential as any defender will be this season.


Adam Lallana – Liverpool

  • £7.5m
  • 20.9%
  • 9
  • Manchester City (H)

Over the course of the season many mid-priced midfielders have proven to be attractive options. Walcott, Sigurdsson, Son, Pedro and more have all at one point or another left us wishing that they were in our team.

But it’s Adam Lallana who has remained a consistent source of points at a cut price. He is the fourth highest scoring midfielder in the game with a value that is on average £3.1m cheaper than the players above him.

This is a classic case of form over fixtures; however, a trip to Sunderland is especially attractive whilst a face off with a Manchester City team that have kept just 4 clean sheets this season also has potential for returns.

Alexis Sánchez – Arsenal

  • £11.9m
  • 36.9%
  • 3
  • Crystal Palace (H)

The Chilean is the highest scoring player so far this season and don’t expect him to slow down any time soon. Even if Giroud remains in the starting line-up, Alexis is just as dangerous when cutting in from the left; it’s his impressive work rate off the ball that makes him an excellent striker for the Arsenal system.

However, Giroud started against a tall, physical West Brom side at a time when both Walcott and Oxlade-Chamberlain were unavailable; expect Sanchez to reclaim his position as striker.

Only Zlatan and Costa have as many goals as the Arsenal man, but Alexis gets an extra point for each goal as he is classed as a midfielder. Furthermore, his next three fixtures are all enticing, if you aren’t on the train you may have missed your chance as his price has risen, but it would be very dangerous to go without.


Andy Carroll – West Ham

  • £6.2m
  • 3.0%
  • 8
  • Leicester (A)

The mid-priced strikers have disappointed recently. In the last 3 gameweeks, Defoe, Rondon, Negredo, Benteke, Llorente, Origi and Iheanacho have combined for 20 appearances.

Only 5 of those appearances have resulted in any goals being scored. A cherry picked stat perhaps but it tells us what we already knew, there is not a mid-priced striker you can set and forget.

For Andy Carroll its 1 goal in his 3 full games since returning from injury, far from extraordinary. However as the focal point of an attack supplied by Payet for just £6.2M, he has good potential and a great price.

When fit he’s good, just expect to have to remove him due to injury not too far down the line.

Diego Costa – Chelsea

  • £10.7m
  • 41.1%
  • n/a
  • Stoke City (H)

No premium striker has 3 excellent fixtures and Spurs will be a tough nut to crack for Diego but the game is sandwiched by much more pleasant fixtures against Stoke and Leicester. The striker has blanked just three times this season and as the top scorer in the league he represents a fantastic buy.

He is arguably the most must have player in the game this season, especially as he is cheaper than Aguero, Ibra, and Sanchez. For those that benched him for a week, you can now restore the Premier League’s most lethal striker to your team. On the other hand, if you removed him, you may have to work out a way to get him back if his form continues.

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