Fantasy Football: Captaincy Tips and Analysis – Pre Season Introduction

6:50pm Jul 30 2013

Welcome to ‘Captaincy Analysis’ – a weekly article which will use stats and analysis to help you decide who deserves the armband each week – written by Rob Clay

Rob Clay – An Introduction

First of all, allow me to introduce myself, and give you a bit of background information on exactly who I am. I’m an experienced writer about my huge passion in life – football; and particularly the Premier League. I am not ashamed to say that I am an avid West Brom fan and, despite my usual reluctance, I will certainly be keeping an eye on a couple of WBA players for a place in my 15 man squad. I found myself getting into fantasy football about 4 years ago and have never looked back. My aim, like most, is to win my personal leagues and see just how high I can get globally. I’ve never failed to finish outside the top 15,000, bettering myself every year. With increasing interest, and knowledge acquired through my passion for fantasy football, I opted to write a few articles for my school and old boys newsletters. Since leaving school I’ve been blogging and contributing various sports articles at university.

 Pre-season is back, and the rumour mill is in
overdrive, with star players, bargain buys, and big name strikers being linked
with anyone who’s got a bit of money, every single day. We’re all keeping track
of them with that big question in our mind. Who shall we captain in Gameweek

Picking your captain – important yet sometimes impossible

We’ve all found ourselves watching a game with
one of our players in and, frustratingly, finding ourselves not watching the
game, but following that player you need to score, or at least assist. In a
weird way, there’s no feeling like seeing your captain bury a goal and see
those points rack up. Hopefully that’s not just me.

A personal highlight of mine, when it comes to captaincy pick, has to have been
Dimitar Berbatov’s spectacular five goals against Blackburn back in 2010 and,
yes, he was my captain which notched up a healthy 50 points. Away from Fantasy
Premier League, I’m a West Brom fan, and you may laugh, and I can’t say he’ll
cement himself in my initial side, but I will certainly keep one eye on Nicolas
Anelka this season.

There’s no doubt that selecting
your captain is one of, if not the most important decisions of the week. We
sometimes spend -4, -8 or even more points to get that form player in, and we
kick ourselves if we didn’t spot it before their price rocketed. It’s so
important to spot a good run of fixtures or a potential bargain coming through
the ranks. Just look at Michu in the first half of last season, I bet those who
had him in from the start were thoroughly enjoying watching their mates and
rivals pay a considerably higher price for the free-scoring Spaniard. 

Clearly not everyone will
have the time to go through fixture after fixture and watch every game to see
who those stand out players are, and that’s where I come in. I’m going to
be providing you with stats, figures and analysis of upcoming fixtures with a
view to pointing you in the direction of who may be the best players to
consider bestowing the armband upon that particular gameweek. My article may
fill you with reassurance that our thoughts match up, or it might give you a
stressful Friday evening playing with transfers and contemplating whether
to take my advice. 

Get involved

Whether you agree with me
or not, I hope in some way to ease the burden on your captaincy decision. Please
feel free to comment on my articles if you find yourself thinking along the
same lines, or if you think I’ve missed a trick by not including a differential
player who you’ve decided to captain. I’ll also be more than happy to answer
questions and provide the best advice possible on your own team and situation.
So feel free to follow me on Twitter @FFPundits_Rob and I’ll be tweeting
throughout the season.

Finally, I’ll be running
a poll at the end of my article so you can provide your own opinion on who
you’d captain! I’ll be providing a short list of roughly six players that I
think are favourites for the gameweek. So, good luck to you all, I look forward
to sharing my articles with you.


Written by Rob Clay

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