The Premier League - On the Forward Path

9:28am Jun 2 2017

The English Football Premier (EFP) League outside of Europe, simply known as the Premier League, is one of the most sought after leagues by players, sponsors, competitors and big corporations. Although it’s the most influential football league since its start in 1992, it is not the only league among a list of similar ventures.

The Premier League, however is one of the largest to enjoy a solid reputation as a global giant. Having championed the growth of football’s crown jewels Chelsea, Manchester City and Liverpool, clubs worth millions of dollars each, the Premier League is a force to be reckoned with.

When it comes to the establishment of leagues, the Premier League may be the only one in the spotlight. This league may be the prototype for other leagues to follow suit, due to its exemplary sportsmanship and camaraderie.

Amongst the leagues taking notes from the Premier Leagues’ success, is the English Football League, the Championship League, and League Two, all in their own lane.

Whether you enjoy Premier League as a fan or as a professional punter, there are a ton of football betting sites in the UK, ensuring that you stay in the loop with what’s happening in the current.

English Premier League Events, Odds and More

As we’ve seen in earlier leagues like the Leicester 5000/1 victory, the Premier League is rather unpredictable. Contenders such as Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham, Manchester City, Arsenal and Manchester United, all have the agility and strength to reach success, which makes it tricky to predict how a particular season will pan out.

As a spectator of the sport, it is more likely that you tend to and owe your loyalty to your favourite team. However, when it comes to betting online, you owe your loyalty to nothing except winning and making a profit on your wagers. Another thing to bear in mind as a punter is, no matter how extensive your knowledge of the game may be, probability still reigns at the end of the day and as we’ve mentioned above, the outcomes can be quite unpredictable. To minimise any uncertainty, let’s explore a few of the best Premier League betting sites with the most competitive betting odds, news and statistics on offer, to make sure that you have a better chance of success.


This online betting site provides the highly competitive odds on a number of markets and events. Betway is also flexible when it comes to accepting a number of trusted payment methods.


For football lovers, Grosvenor regularly hosts the most popular football league matches, coupled with great odds on matches. Mobile players can also enjoy the perks via their Android or iOS devices.


As an online player, you’ll simply love the live streaming feature Titanbet has to offer. The site features a number of great football matches and statistics.


The sleek and crisp platform creates an authentic betting experience, displaying an in-play console for real-time betting. Guts makes available a number of popular football matches, events and league betting.


Genting presents a number of unique elements. This site boats a special addition for players to opt for insurance when betting online. Genting also offers great odds, promotions and statistics in real-time.


Betsafe is highly recognised for its great odds when it comes to any form of sport. The bookmaker offers competitive odds, real-time statistics, solid banking options and more.


For engaging and up to the minute live features, Betfred offers one of the best live streaming capabilities. The online bookie also provides great odds for Prier League matches.


These online bookmakers continue to exceed expectations in virtual sports, giving players great value for their money. Bet365 makes available some of the best odds in the industry on a number of popular football events.

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