2 Guys 1 Cup FPL Podcast - Gameweek 8 Review

9:17am Oct 17 2018

The ‘2 Guys 1 Cup’ (FPL Podcast) is a light-hearted podcast hosted by childhood friends, Sham & Shez, who are both football and FPL aficionados!

daily fantasy football - starting 11

Filled with tips, advice, stats and banter, each week they perform a game week (GW) review, discuss hot topics prominent in the FPL community, answer listener questions and preview the next GW.

Due to the international break (and no reported injuries to either Sham or Shez), they have adopted a slightly different approach in this week’s episode; focusing more on a GW review, highlighting key FPL assets and potential differentials, whilst answering related listener questions along the way.

Despite the change in format, this is an action-packed episode with a variety of topics discussed, including:

Are we overlooking Arsenal assets?

Return of the Jedi (Mendy)?

Salah – in or out…shake it all about?

Hazard – the new Salah?

Wolves – make it a two-way…or even a three-way!?

Who wants a (Murray) mint?

Woy’s boys… Zaha and Wan-Bissaka

HurriKane – blowing hot air?

Bournemouth – who loves a fondle down south? Ding dong!

Shez discusses the despair to jubilation from his trip to Old Trafford over the weekend and Sham has little to rejoice as the Seagulls poop on Pellegrini’s parade.

Other areas discussed include the Generals mini league in aid of the Calmzone, individual team and league updates and some highlights from the FPL Community meet up.

Come back next week for an in depth preview of GW9, hot topics from the FPL Community, listener questions answered and of course, more banter!

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