4 things to check before Gameweek 26 starts

11:04am Feb 4 2020

Is this your first season playing Fantasy Premier League? Or you played it before, but your score is lower than expected?

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player looking for ways to up their game, we have a useful guide for you.

Before every round starts and the deadline for selecting a team finishes, you need to check several things. That way, you ensure to optimise squad selection for the current Gameweek.

Here is what you should focus on before submitting your lineup each and every Gameweek.


We are starting with the obvious because many players don’t have the habit of checking for potential injuries in their team.

You might have replaced those squad members that are out for a long time. However, consider if it is the right move to have a player questionable for the next match in your squad.

If there is a better option, we strongly suggest replacing him, or you could risk not winning any points.

Next opponent

Is your star squad member an excellent scorer, but he plays in a team battling to avoid relegation? In that case, it’s hard to expect him to play at his best if his club plays against Liverpool or Manchester City.

A great performance of the team allows players to shine. That is why you should adjust squad members based on their club’s opponents in the current Gameweek.

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Other important information

Here is some other information that could be useful when adjusting your FPL team:

  • Current form – has the player or his team played well recently?
  • A new manager – more often than not, changing the manager inspires players to play better in the next match.
  • Keep up with the latest news – you can check BBC Sport and other relevant news sources. These will tell you about the atmosphere in the team, injuries, and other important info to use when assembling your lineup.

Use your chips wisely

Fantasy Premier League allows you to use chips to boost your team’s performance. You have four chips available, but you can use them only once or twice during the season. That is why it is crucial to pick your timing wisely.

Here are some tips on when to use your chips:

  • Free hit – you can make unlimited transfers without paying a single cent during that Gameweek. Use this if your squad is burdened with injuries. The system will reset its squad to how it looked like at the Gameweek start at the next deadline.
  • Wildcard – the only chip you can use twice per season. It makes all transfers for the week free of charge. Since that includes those you already made, this is a convenient bonus when you realize you need to make more transfers than expected.
  • Triple captain – this triples your captain points. Since you can only use it once, aim for the match when you think your captain will be particularly inspired.
  • Bench boost – it will include all points from bench players in your score for the week. Use this bonus wisely, and only when you are certain most of your benched players will play.