7 Top Tips for Betting on Fantasy Football

6:06pm Jan 15 2019


Fantasy football is a very exciting game that allows participants to bet on virtual teams. Any rewards earned can be spent on a variety of prizes, such as sports apparel.

Much of the time, cash is involved in the world of playing fantasy football, and when this happens, there are strict rules that must be followed to uphold legal compliance.

If you’re wanting to play fantasy football, it’s essential to ensure you are following all applicable rules.

How do fantasy football regulations work?

Fantasy football and other types of fantasy sports are unlike online bingo in that a person doesn’t rely on luck or chance to win. Instead, he or she must develop certain skills in order to pick the winning teams.

Because of this, you are allowed to play fantasy football for money in India and other countries that have restrictions on this activity.

Playing fantasy football for money is not legal everywhere. Many countries have strict regulations in place. To pay your entry fees, many times, it’s best to use PayPal or Venmo or pay through a site designed specifically to comply with all applicable regulations pertaining to the specific country you are betting from.

Here’s a look at seven top tips for betting on fantasy football.

Choose a great team name

As a participant in fantasy football, you have to intimidate your opponents. One of the best ways to do this straight out of the gate is to come up with an awesome name.

Ideally, you’ll choose the best player on your team and then create a name around that player’s name. In doing this, you’ll have a lot of people betting on your team.

Instigate a rivalry

Everyone loves a good game between two rivals. Instigating a rivalry sets the tone for the whole year and drives competition. After beating a rival, you have bragging rights for the rest of the year.

Even if your team ends up washing out with injuries, your bragging rights against your rival stay in place. Even better, you might end up playing your main rival in the championship game, which is sure to up the bets and rewards.

Make sure you have a good drafting strategy in place

Many people think creating a solid fantasy football drafting strategy is going to be a daunting task. Although you can mock draft over and over, the truth of the matter is when it’s time to actually draft, things are going to change.Even the best strategy needs to be flexible.

Here are a few key tips that your drafting strategy should follow:

> Keep a close eye on league scoring.

> Unless you get the chance to draft your number-one pick, don’t draft one at all until the fifth round.

> Just because you get late-round picks, it doesn’t mean you’re getting bad players. By the time the end of the season rolls around, even some of the worst picks might turn out to be on the winning team.

Make your opponents nervous

Football is football. There’s always a little room for trash talking, especially when it comes to fantasy football. Be respectful, but do all you can to make your opponents nervous.

The goal is to get them so nervous that they end up starting the wrong players. You must have full confidence in your team. Even if you lack confidence, don’t let it show.

Have a good variety of players

Many leagues have a rule in place that says you can only choose a certain number of players from the same club. If your team is a squad of 15, this gives you the ability to pick players from five or more clubs (if there is a maximum limit of three per club).

Yes, it’s a good idea to pick multiple players from the same club, but do your best to be as diverse as possible.

Know the rules

One of the best ways to bet successfully at fantasy football is to know the rules. If you don’t follow them, you can easily disqualify yourself from making money.

Always understand that rules will vary from one league to the next. There are a few questions you must pose, especially when it comes to matters which involve real money.

Does the betting site allow players from your country? There are certain jurisdictions where this is harder to come by. A number of Middle Eastern and Asian countries for example, put restrictions on their population.

It matters whether you’re living in India or Qatar when it comes to permissions and it’s always best to check with reputable sites on where you can play.

Same with e-wallets. Apart from making sure the e-wallet has a good reputation for security, also check whether it accepts members from your country.

Invest in a good striker and captain

Always, always, always invest in a good striker. Your striker is most likely going to be the one who scores the most. In addition to a good striker, do your best to draft a top-level forward.

Another player to be picky about is the captain. You want a solid player leading the team. Most of the time, the captain should be your best-scoring player, who may be the striker. If you prefer, you can assign a vice-captain. Playing your vice-captain is a strategic move to make because if the actual captain doesn’t play for an entire week, the vice captain’s points will double.

All these tips are great starting points for creating a winning fantasy football team. Do remember, though, that it’s just a game.