A Guide to Bet Builders

10:09pm Oct 4 2022

There are few things better than a Saturday afternoon in front of the TV. Settling down at the end of the week to take in what is invariably a real sporting feast. Entertaining in its own right, many sports fans like to enhance the excitement with a bet or two on the unfolding action.

Whether you enjoy assessing the latest Horse Racing Betting Offers, placing bets on your favourite Fantasy Football stars, or going for the big bucks with an outrageous accumulator, a bet on a Saturday afternoon has become an integral part of the weekend ritual for many.

Whilst Lucky 15s and accumulators have been around for decades now, our good friends the bookmakers are always inventing new and intriguing bets to grab our attention. In recent years one of the most popular innovations is that of the bet-builder.

What is a Bet Builder?

Also known as Build-A-Bet, as you may have gathered from the name, this betting option does indeed allow you to build your bet. Just about the most flexible and customisable type of bet currently on the market, Bet Builders have quickly become hugely popular with football betting fans.

What a Bet Builder essentially allows the customer to do is place a bet on multiple events occurring within the same game. Say for example you thought that the latest Manchester United vs Arsenal fixture would be a goal-laden, bad-tempered affair and that Manchester United would come out on top. A bet builder would allow you to bet on Manchester United to win the game, both teams to score, the game to feature over 3.5 goals, and over 5.5 cards. That may sound like a lot to wish for, but the odds on offer are often very rewarding.

A helpful feature of the Bet-Builder is that the odds at the base of the betting slip will continually adjust as you add and subtract selections. The more selections you add, the more the odds increase, allowing you to find your own personal sweet spot of risk vs reward like never before.

What Options Can be Added to a Bet-Builder?

The above Manchester United vs Arsenal example is pretty basic in terms of the range of match events you can add to a Bet-Builder. Many bookmakers who provide this type of bet allow all of the following to be added to the Bet-Builder slip.

Match Result
Both Teams to score
Correct Score
Winning Margin
Double Result
Total Goals
Total Corners
Total Cards
Player to be Carded
Player to Score
Player to Assist
Number of Shots on Target by a named player
Will There be a Penalty
Highest Scoring Half
Team with Most Cards

As you can see, the list is fairly comprehensive and often extends way beyond those detailed above – some betting sites provide over 60 separate options which may be included in a Bet-Builder.

If an event can occur during a football game, the chances are that you will be able to add that event to your Bet-Builder slip.

How To Place A Bet-Builder Bet

Thankfully for those looking to sample Bet-Builders for themselves, the process of placing such a bet is very straightforward. Simply.

Open an account with a bookmaker who offers this type of bet.
Navigate to the game you wish to bet on.
Select the Bet-Builder (or equivalent) option.
Begin adding events to your slip.
Once happy with your selections and the odds on offer, add your stake and place the bet.

Bet-Builders can be kept relatively simple, with just a couple of selections, but also provide the potential for a truly engrossing bet, enabling the punter to cheer not only goals but also corner kicks, shots on target, yellow cards and more. It is no wonder they have become so popular, and for those willing to put in a little research, they are also potentially very rewarding.