All Out Attack FPL Podcast - Gameweek 30

7:46am Mar 7 2019

Manchester United’s Paul Pogba missed penalty causes FPL meltdown in Gameweek 29

Let’s all make a pact and just pretend that Gameweek 29 never happened shall we? Okay, it’s a deal…

We NEVER mention the fact that a lot of us captained Pogba – oh yeah, and Auba too… oh dear it was bad, wasn’t it.

However, there’s no need to worry now as Nathan and Joe are here to talk about Salah and his bizarre drought when it comes to Fantasy Premier League points, a quick look at the incoming blank Gameweek and the crunch match between Crystal Palace and Brighton.

Plus, there’s more chat from the lads about Newcastle’s aerial prowess, Leicester’s run of fanciable fixtures and why Liverpool’s defence are must-have assets.

Don’t miss Fantasy Football Pundits’ pick of the week too – they’ve gone for a player a fair few of you may have forgotten about.

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Thank you, enjoy and as always ladies and gents, good luck in Gameweek 30.

Listen to “Gameweek 30: Salah’s Blank Run, The BGW31 & South Coast Derby” on Spreaker.

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