Always Cheating FPL Podcast - Ep 124: Driftwood (GW36-37)

8:08am May 1 2018

Triple Captains and Bench Boosts are the talk of the town ahead of DOUBLE GAMEWEEK 37 - Live Daily Fantasy Football and Soccer

No pressure, but we’re heading into what could be, for many FPL managers, the season’s most decisive gameweek.

So, how are we setting up ahead of these big doubles?

And, for the Gameweek 32/33 wildcard crowd, how are we magically turning so much dead weight into the best attacking assets from Manchester City and Spurs?

Triple Captain and Bench Boost chips are still in play, plus we pinpoint which teams are now on the beach and solve a few of your listener dilemmas.

Hail Cheaters!