Always Cheating FPL Podcast - Ep 139: Fighting Shadows (GW4-Break)

9:24am Sep 4 2018

If you’ve activated, or are thinking of activating your FPL Wildcard ahead of Gameweek 5, check out Hail Cheaters’ top picks and must-haves!

Josh returns to the pod this week, just in time for this FPL season’s first international break, where we’ll review the action from Gameweek 4 and then it’s panic stations for Brandon as he’s triggered his wildcard.

We set the table for some serious tinkering over the break, running through our favourite options and potential must-haves for goalkeeper, defence, midfield, and forwards.

Stick around for a special interview with Thomas Braun, the co-founder of the Starting 11 Daily Fantasy app, at the tail end of the episode.

We’ll be back next week for a full preview of Gameweek 5 fixtures and captaincy options.

Hail Cheaters!

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