Always Cheating Podcast - Ep 142: Playground Legend (GW6-7)

8:51pm Sep 25 2018

Is Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero an essential must-have, or are Kane and Lukaku better options?

This week’s big theme: Strikers!

We’re looking through the majority of Fantasy Premier League forward options and determining who is overrated, underrated, and perhaps properly rated.

Is the Manchester City front-man Sergio Aguero essential, or is it viable to swap him for a premium differential like Kane or Lukaku?

Are Vardy and Lacazette worth fitting into your side at such an awkward price point? And what to do about all of these really compelling budget options?

Plus we review our Gameweek 6 scores and preview the fixtures and captaincy choices for Gameweek 7.

Hail Cheaters!

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