Always Cheating World Cup Podcast - Ep 128: World Cup 2018 Preview (Groups E to H)

10:57am Jun 13 2018

Welcome to the second half of our 2018 FIFA World Cup Podcast preview, featuring Groups E, F, G and H

World Cup Daily Fantasy Football - Starting 11

We’re concluding with in-depth looks at each team in groups E through H, including such high-profile nations as Brazil, Germany, Belgium, and England.

Check out Episode #127 from earlier in the week for a preview of groups A through D, incase you missed it

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1/ Keep things simple with the Always Cheating “Set & Forget” Patreon game.

2/ Replicate the FPL experience and join Always Cheating’s FIFA McDonald’s league.

2/ Play daily World Cup fantasy on the Starting 11 app with cash games now available in the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Germany.

You can also listen Part Two of this Podcast here which covers Groups A, B, C and D.