Best Betting Tips for the Premier League

10:35pm Sep 21 2022

The Premier League is the world’s most popular football league, offering exhilarating action and excitement every weekend of the season. There’s one way to boost the excitement of the Premier League further, and it’s by placing bets on the games. But what should you do to boost your chances of winning when Bitcoin football betting? Check out the top tips below.

Immerse Yourself in the League

The most important thing you can do when it comes to Bitcoin football betting is simple: you should be well-informed. This means that you should immerse yourself in the league, watching as many games as possible, reading columns from the best football journalists, and watching highlights online, at sites such as YouTube.

You should be the most knowledgeable person in your group of friends – the person they all turn to when looking for an obscure Premier League fact. The more you know about the league, the more educated your bets will be, and educated bets are the ones that have the best chance of being winners.

Analyse the Odds

Many people looking to bet on football with Bitcoin simply head to an online sportsbook, find the bet, and then place it. They don’t stop to consider the odds first, as they’re instead too eager to get the bet on the board. This can be an exceptionally costly move.

The best Bitcoin football betting experts won’t just look at the odds at one site, but will instead take time to look at the odds offered at several reputable sportsbooks. By doing this, they can cherry-pick the highest odds, earning them more money when the bet is a winner. By being more selective with the odds you accept, you can boost your earnings significantly.

Don’t Let Bias Influence You

Football fans are perhaps the most passionate in the world, supporting their teams with fervour. This makes the football world exciting, but it also poses a big problem for football fans who also like to place bets.

Quite simply, if you’re going to make a bet, you can’t let bias influence your decision. Hate Manchester United? Don’t let that stop you from betting on them. Love Liverpool? Don’t allow your passion to persuade you into betting on them in unfavourable circumstances. If you can’t be unbiased, skip betting on matches involving your team entirely.

Track Your Betting

Very few punters keep a record of their Bitcoin football betting. It might seem like something of a tedious job, but it is actually something that can have a huge impact on your success when you bet on football with Bitcoin.

Grab a cheap pad of paper and pen and make a table showing the details of the bet, how much you wagered, and how much you managed to win, if you won at all. You can then look back over your records and identify patterns. Perhaps you’re particularly good at accumulators? Or perhaps you’ve got a poor record when betting live? Use this information to tailor your betting strategy.

Bankroll Management

Finally, there’s bankroll management – an exceptionally important strategy that should be used by every gambler, including those looking to bet on football with Bitcoin. Quite simply, this strategy dictates that you should only risk a small portion of your bankroll in a betting session – usually around 5%.

By placing many smaller bets, as opposed to one large bet, you’re giving luck the chance to even out over time. What’s more, you’re making sure that there’s always some money to bet with another day and that you’re not continually topping up your account. It’s also a useful way to ensure you’re gambling sensibly and that you don’t start chasing losses.