The Best Football Betor of All Time

8:23pm Apr 20 2016

Fanduel and DraftKings airs commercials showing winners of $250,000 from a $10.00 entry into a fantasy football contest. While this is possible the odds are slim to none that you will be able to turn $10.00 into a six-figure payday over the course of the football season by wagering on daily fantasy sports. The most successful sports bettors are Billy Walters, Jon Price, and Jimmy the Greek.

Following the worlds best football bettor legend Jon Price who consistently makes his clients into millionaires knows bettor to tout such ridiculous claims as those promoted by the daily fantasy sports marketers on national television. Perhaps that is why they have pending investigations by multiple attorney generals that are trying to determine if DFS is a game of skill or a game of chance.

Through his documented picks sports information traders has shown with proper diligence and analytical research you can turn games of chance into games of skill but there are only a very select few who are able to do so and thus the reason why sportsbooks exist.

Price the CEO of has been reclusive and hiding behind the scenes for most of his life. Now that the funds made from betting are a hobby and no longer a means to make a living, speaks more openly about the life of a handicapper compared to those who play in the Daily Fantasy sports market.

Truth be told there are a lot of very intelligent guys who play on Draft Kings and Fan Duel. A lot of them were quants who previously had great success playing online poker but as they are seeing it’s a cat and mouse game against regulation. You often have to jump from one medium to the next. I however have stuck with sports betting my entire life and as you can see from the stacks of money, the private jet, and lifestyle it has paid off tremendously.

Poker players are excellent at analyzing numbers and statistical probabilities. The DFS market has created a lot of great research tools to scout statistics on players that are to be drafted. Since you are competing against 9 other players in a typical daily or weekly competition instead of just one (the house) in sports betting you are already at a statistical disadvantage. The smartest statisticians see zero sum gains and know that the pay off will be high but so will the risk. With proper risk aversion and fail safes in place betting on Football far outpaces the gains that can be had in Daily Fantasy Sports any week of the NFL season.

For those who need help wagering on football and want to grow their bankroll Jon Price is the person they should speak with as the Vegas legend is the most successful recorded sports bettor current living.