Considering Australia as a Sports Nation

1:58pm Aug 25 2021

Australia as one of the brightest sports nations

The article introduces our readers to the world of sports in Australia. Here, you will get a review of the overall situation with sports in this country.

To be involved in sports is great. Fans search and visit the best online betting sites Australia trying to find as much info as possible because they are just in love with sports activities. Here, we are about to tell you more.

First of all, it’s necessary to mention that 80% of the Australian population that sport plays an essential role in their lives. For many of them, it is something that can be described as a religion.

Which sport is the most popular in the country?

Naturally, it is AFL. 16% of Australians watch it annually, which is quite a significant figure. It’s almost twice more compared as rugby. About 60% of Australians think that sports and politics have to exist separately.

Curiously, the representatives of this nation spend approximately four times more time watching sports than dedicating leisure to religion. The citizens are involved in sports today. So, this is not only about watching sports but also doing it. As the statistics go, the average Australian exercises for about 2 hours and 27 minutes every week, which is undoubtedly significant. At the same time, he watches sports for 2 hours 22 minutes.

Below you can see the statistics considering what sports Australians are involved in the most:

  • Fitness/gym activities – 35% of the population;
  • 15% of them participate in running.’
  • 15% of the population go in for swimming;
  • 12% of people are involved in cycling.

The rest of the people are involved in something different. For example, one of the other spread sports activities is recreational walking.

As for the attendance of sports, the most popular ones here are Australian Football and Rugby League. However, participation rates are extremely low for these, 3%, and 1%, respectively. The majority of Australians think that sports have to be delivered into the communities more than it is done today. It is not only about strengthening local spirit but also increasing national unity.

Some evident advantages of being engaged in sports

According to the statistics, there are different reasons why men and women decide to get involved in sports. The majority notes that this reason is primarily physical health (78%) and secondly, it is about employment and fun (46%). Other causes that drive people to start sports activities are social ones and positively influence mental and psychological health.

So, as we can conclude, people do sports not only because it affects health well. It’s only about connections and interactions with people, having fun, and enjoying what you do. Furthermore, such a reason as having good mental health motivates women more than men. The social researchers proved this.

In other nationalities, people introduce sports in their lives for another reason: it is losing weight. However, this is not relevant for the Australians: only 15% of them do sports linked to this cause. It happens this way probably because much more attention is paid to the diets and the food industry revolving around losing weight in Australia. You can search the phrase how to lose weight on Google and YouTube and make sure it works this way. People are used to believing that food affects their bodies a lot more compared to exercises.

The practice also shows that people involved in sports are more sociable than those who don’t. They are twice as likely to be active speaking about being engaged and included in the social groups because they have many friends with the same point of view.

As you can see, sport really plays a great role in the lives of Australians. It is a fact that cannot be denied. The discussion around it keeps going all the time. And, what is more important, the Australians not only do sports but also watch them. That’s why the popularity of the sport in the country is stable all the time. If you still hesitate, just give it a try and join something too!