Fantasy Football Betting In Thailand

4:50pm Jan 19 2022

Fantasy sport is a type of competition in which participants construct virtual teams comprised of proxies of real professional athletes from a specific event or athletic season.

At first impression, fantasy sport appears to be another, more complicated, version of traditional sports betting online in Thailand with in which participants select a team to bet on in a certain event and, if that team wins, the participants earn money from the organizer.

However, upon careful observation, one could argue that there is a significant difference between fantasy sport and sports betting, such as the fact that participants must select and assemble their own virtual teams from players competing in an existing tournament, as opposed to simply selecting a team that is likely to win in a specific match.

Thai Gambling Law

The Gambling Act 1935 makes several types of gambling illegal under Thai law. However, the Act does not provide a precise definition of the term “gambling.” Although it is not stated in the text of the law, it can be deduced from the Council of State1 Ruling and various Supreme Court Decisions that “gambling” under Thai law refers to the wagering of money or other assets (s) where there is a chance for the participants to win money or other benefits based on their luck rather than their skill or competency.

Whether or not a conventional fantasy sport is deemed gambling under Thai law will ultimately rely on whether the odds of winning are dependent on the participants’ luck or their abilities and expertise. In Thailand, unlike in the United States, the issue of fantasy sports is relatively overlooked due to the low popularity in the country.


As a result, it is still unclear whether fantasy sports would be deemed gambling, as forbidden by the Act, or a game of skill, as permitted by Thai law. However, without special approval for the particular fantasy sport (or its variations) under a statute comparable to the UIGEA – an official rule addressing this topic or rulings from the Court for guidance – the private sector seeking to operate the business of fantasy sport and the parties involved would be exposed to the legal risk of a potential violation of Thai law.