Fantasy Football, Online Poker, and eSports: How have Sports Digitised Themselves

8:53am May 24 2021

Sport is no longer limited to athletes who have trained for years or friends having a kick about in the park. On one hand we have the traditional sports industry that is as strong as ever, and on the other there is the digital age.

From fantasy football to games like poker, sports have digitised themselves and created a booming industry with lots of interest from all quarters.

(Image Source: Unsplash)

Accessible and Inclusive

Digesting sports have made them accessible and inclusive to all. So long as you meet the criteria for the game at hand (as many are age-restricted in some way), you are going to be able to compete alongside other people.

This is a far cry from the traditional sports world, where athletes often have to fit a very specific metric to be able to compete. They train long and hard to be able to do so, and we are seeing this reflected in gamers too. Elite gamers who join professional teams are also being given training regimes to help them stay in great shape to be able to play.

Banking on Competitiveness

Human beings are very naturally competitive; it is just the way that we are built. Put any sort of game in front of us and we are going to try our best at it. It does not matter if it is a crossword or a poker game at a site like or similar, a curious person is going to work hard to try to work out how they can master the game for themselves, to try and beat the competition.

This is something that many sports have banked on when moving into a digital space. Games like fantasy football and eSports are built around our competitive nature, and actively encourage us to pit our skills against each other. Games like fantasy football also require you to have some knowledge of the chosen game if you want to be able to succeed at it. Being able to learn more and keep yourself moving forward within the context of your chosen sport is a great move to be able to make.

Appealing to a Global Audience

Many sports are loved by people all over the world. By digesting them, you remove any boundaries that might have been in place through distance or time zones, and allow people to try games that have caught their eye no matter where they might be.

Streaming has also been massively helpful here. The rise of gaming platforms like Twitch has made it that bit easier for people to access their favourite games. Especially in the world of eSports, people might be put off playing themselves if they feel like their skills are somewhat lagging behind other players.

Being able to tune into streams lets them participate in a different way. Though they might not be playing themselves, they can still learn more about the game and immerse themselves in the culture surrounding it.

A Great Step Forward

Digitising sports has been a fantastic move for all stakeholders, a move that has made many sports and sporting events that bit more accessible to the general public. Regardless of your skills in sport when playing them physically, you might find that you are able to play them to a much higher skill level in the digital world.

With so many options out there for games in the virtual world, there are so many opportunities for people to jump in and try something new. eSports, poker, and fantasy football are just three areas that have digitised themselves to tremendous success, resulting in some incredible industries. It will be fascinating to see how they grow in the future.