Fantasy Premier League football for 2018/19 arrives at Starting 11 - The LIVE Daily Fantasy Game

10:23am Aug 10 2018

LIVE Fantasy Premier League football has launched at Starting 11 for the 2018/19 season – Pick your best 11 NOW

I, @FFPundits_Drew am pleased to announce that Starting 11 is back – bringing LIVE daily play fantasy football to the Premier League.

Starting 11 are offering Daily Fantasy Football contests throughout the 2018/19 season, which means you’ll have the opportunity to take on your mates for cash – or enter free games where pride and eternal glory are at stake!

The main difference for me with Starting 11 is that it’s pressure free, with no forward planning – take a few gambles and enjoy yourself.

Here at Fantasy Football Pundits, we’ll be entering daily teams throughout the team and publishing our teams to Twitter – come and take us on!

Entering a contest

For those of you who have played before, the basic game-play remains the same as last season and during the World Cup – either Browse Games or Create a New Game yourself.

1 vs 1 is a classic head-to-head game where two fantasy bosses can challenge each other and whether you are competing for cash or for bragging rights – losing just isn’t an option!

Private games are available under this option and ideal you want to end the debate once and for all as to which of you has that superior fantasy football knowledge!

Winner Take All does exactly what its name suggests, up to TEN Fantasy bosses do battle in the ultimate Starting 11 contest where the prize for victory can be huge – particularly in cash games.

Remember – there can only be one winner!  We’ll be entering these contests each match day along with other members of the Fantasy Football Community such as FFCom and FPL Tips.

50/50 contests are for those who enjoy the larger contests but maybe want to edge their bets a little – you are going to have to share your victory here, but with improved chances of success.

Half of the competitors will lose,whilst  the other half will win – ideal for those learning the ropes before moving on to Winner Takes All contests.

Building your lineup

This is YOUR fantasy team – and only YOU can decide who will make it into YOUR lineup?

Starting 11 offers a number of formation options to choose from – simply select the players you want for each position and play about with it until you’re happy.

There are no team-budget restrictions here so enjoy unrestricted access to all those premium players, all in one team!

Like the majority of fantasy games, there is the key decision of who you will entrust with that invaluable captain’s armband – DOUBLE POINTS are on offer here so choose wisely fantasy bosses.

Remember, you can make changes to your lineup right up to kick-off – has a tempting differential been brought into the starting line-up at the last-minute? Bring him in!

Accumulate points in real-time

The first game kicks off and your fantasy gameweek is underway – once matches begin, you’ll be able to see your players accumulate points in real-time.

Have you managed to sneak an early lead over your rivals? Track your progress via the live leader-boards on the iOS and Android apps.

To check this, you can view all of your contests in the Game Centre – tap on a contest to view your lineup and see how your individual players are performing, in real-time.

Enjoy the thrill of your captain earning you double points in the last minutes of a game, as your team climbs up the live leader-board and grabs a cash prize.

Make substitutions during live play

The fridge is well stocked and you’re watching LIVE Premier League football – life is good; but your players are under-performing and you need goals and assists to regain the advantage in your entered leagues.

Your Fantasy Premier League team may already be in tatters but here on Starting 11, all is not lost.

It’s time to take control of your squad in-play, with up to three substitutions at your disposal – even if your player has limped off injured, SWAP HIM OUT!

Has your defender lost his clean sheet early on? Swap him out for a more attacking option – formation changes are allowed, as long as you meet the original formation rules.

Is Morata is letting nerves get the better of him under the pressure of the big occasion?  Swap him for Hudson-Oboi who looks like he is ready to make a name for himself.

If you’re interested in playing Starting 11 with us and many other FPL community members this season, please download the FREE Starting 11 app today by clicking the banner below – available on Android & iOS.