Fantasy Premier League what-if's and should-have's that eat you alive

10:04am Aug 8 2018

Struggling with your Mane vs Sane and Aguero vs Aubameyang FPL team decisions? Here’s @FPL_Fly with a few wise words

“The what-if’s and the should-have’s will eat your brains”  John O’Callaghan

Ok, so Mr O’Callaghan probably wasn’t referring to FPL squad selection when he coined that phrase – but it’s one that applies all the same.

At the time of writing (3 days after Manchester City dismantled Chelsea in the Community Shield) these what-if’s and should-have’s are massively in focus.

With only 48 hours until the launch of yet another roller coaster of Fantasy Premier League action, many people are no nearer to a settled squad than they were when the game launched back on July 9th.

For most of us, the most settled our squad has ever been was when we used the Autopick function on Day 1. Everything since then has been a total mess from the second you hit the Transfers tab.

Your forwards have had more line-up changes than the Sugababes – your midfield has been less settled than your stomach after 10 pints and a vindaloo – your defence has looked shakier than a Michael J Fox autograph and your goalkeepers have switched more often than the actors who have portrayed Spiderman on the big screen.

Now the panic is starting to set in

You’ve seen the preseason results. You’ve gnashed your teeth as your “definitely locked in” midfield general hasn’t played a single minute.

You’ve kicked the cat when you learned that attacking wing-back that are going to be scoring every week have been dropped in favour of an under-18 from Ecuador.

So now you’ve taken to Twitter again. Not to ask people to “Rate My Team” this time. No, you’ve given up on that strategy. No, now we’re down to “X vs Y” questions.

> Aguero vs Aubameyang
> Pedro vs Jota
> Zaha vs Arnautovic

But Twitter can’t answer this for you. Well, it can. But as I pointed out in my previous article, you’ll only get the opinion of those you ask.

What’s wrong with that? That’s what you wanted, isn’t it?

Well no. Not exactly.

You see, this “X vs Y” is just the old coin-toss principle.

Sure, decisions can be made on a coin toss. In actual fact I actively ENCOURAGE coin toss decisions. Not just for FPL, but in real life. I recommend it for even the biggest decisions you have to make in life:

> “Shall I stay with my girlfriend, or dump her?”
> “Shall I have a Chinese takeaway or an Indian takeaway?”
> “Shall I get an iPhone or an Android phone?”
> “Shall I pick Bernardo Silva or Riyad Mahrez?”

Toss a coin. Do it. It works. Want to know why?

It won’t settle the question for you. Rather, in that brief moment the coin is spinning in the air, your subconscious mind will decide the outcome you are HOPING for.

Ever done “best of three” after a coin toss? “Best of five”? Have you ever thought why?

Because the initial result wasn’t the result your subconscious mind wanted. So you’ll keep going until the result suits the decision you’ve already made.

Same with the tweets you’re sending out. If the answer doesn’t conform to what your subconscious has already decided, you’ll ask someone else. Or re frame your question.

You’ll keep doing it until you get the answer your brain wants.

So, instead of the “Mane vs Sane” tweets, just toss a coin.

Let me know how you get on, and don’t let these what-if’s and should-have’s eat your brain – it’s not healthy for you. A bit like supporting Wolves.


Be sure to reach out on Twitter @FPL_Fly – I’m keen to see how your coin-tossing is goes.

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