FanTeam’s Season Long MILLION Cash Game - An Introduction

6:31pm Sep 2 2020

It’s time to put your Fantasy Premier League skills to good use and earn some serious life-changing money on FanTeam


Following on from our introductory article to FanTeam’s €1,000,000 season-long Fantasy Premier League game, let’s take a look at the breakdown of the huge cash prizes on offer you can win.

To give you a quick overview – Fanteam are running a season-long fantasy football game that follows an almost identical structure to the Fantasy Premier League game we all love and play, religiously.

The similarities to FPL are so striking that we believe every FPL manager will do very well on Fanteam, and could even run their Fanteam side alongside their FPL team.

There are some extremely minor differences, but we’ll cover those in upcoming articles.

Firstly, let’s talk about the prize money and what you could win for an entry fee of just €25 –  which, in reality, is a fairly typical cost of an FPL cash league at work or between friends.

Except this time, there’s €250,000 up for grabs, so let’s delve into the details before we lose you…


The money is split across 3 periods – overall, monthly and weekly.

As you would expect, the bulk of the prize pool is dedicated to the overall spots, with €209,000 in total assigned for anyone who finishes in the top 1,250 places.

To put that into context – there are only 350 entries at the time of writing (July 17th), and the €250,000 prize pool is a guaranteed payout – regardless of how many of us enter…

First place wins an astonishing €50,000 while second and third take home €25,000 and €12,000.

The top 5 will scoop an eye watering €101,000 between them, with a further €15,500 shared out amongst the rest of the top 10.

Finish in the top 20 and you’re guaranteed a minimum pay day of €1,000 – it’s another minimum payout €500 for the top 40 and it’s even a guaranteed €100 if you’re in the top 200 overall, come the end of the season.

Here’s a full breakdown of the €1,000,000 cash league

fanteam million fpl cash league

Next are the monthly prizes.

These run from September to May inclusive, with May reserved for the big payouts detailed above.

There’s €2,600 up for grabs every month across 9 months, totaling €23,400.

A cool €1,000 is given to anyone who proves to be the best in any given month (as well as €500 for 2nd, €250 for 3rd and €100 for 4th), plus a further €50 for anyone else in the top 19 managers for the month.

Here’s the MOTM payout breakdown:

fanteam million

Still want more?

FanTeam are even offering cash prizes for the top 3 managers every single gameweek. There’s €17,100 to be won here too, the money just keeps on coming!

If you top the weekly leaderboard you’ll net yourself €250, while 2nd and 3rd will in turn pick up €150 and €50.

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed that there’s €500 left over. This is reserved for the highest gameweek score across the season and will be paid out when Gameweek 38 ends.

So, there’s your €250,000 and all the different ways you can claim your piece of it. Not bad for just €25, is it?

If you’re reading this then believe us when we say this – you have every chance of winning big – this game is made for people who love Fantasy Premier League, just like we do, so be confident and give it your all.


If you fancy giving it a try this season – signing up via this link will earn you a 150% bonus on your first deposit and if you register via any of the links or banners on this article, you’ll be entered you into our prize draw on September 12th, where 4 entrants will win their 25 euros back!

All in all, the FanTeam game is broadly the same as our beloved FPL, with just a few minor tweaks and subtle changes here and there.

If you enjoy playing Fantasy Premier League, then you’ll enjoy playing Fanteam. What’s more, you’ll also likely be a very good Fanteam player which puts you in a great position to take down some serious cash prizes.

Sounds like a better investment of €25 than paying to join the works’ mini-league, that Gary from Marketing is running again so you can try and win the mega €100 top prize… what do you say?

Does winning €200,000 sound a bit more exciting? Well, we’ll be playing, that’s for sure and can only ask that you consider it and give it a try.

If you’re ready to create your free FanTeam account and take a closer look at the €1,000,000 FPL cash league, then click the banner below and get involved.