@FFPundits vs. @_FPLTips Football Survivor Classic League

11:22pm Dec 21 2016

Win a copy of FIFA 17 in our Footie Survivor last man standing league which kicks off on Boxing Day

Its that time of the year when FPL just drives everyone nuts. Harry Kane draws a blank and Rondon bags a hat-trick… the most unpredictable game in the World just stabbed you in the back as the most special time of the year.

Well, with Football Survivor, they’re on your side and so are we, as they’ve created a game that’s simple, easy and will whet that football appetite of yours without diluting your addiction for FPL.

Each week, you pick ONE Premier League team, that you think is going to win their fixture. If they do win, you lose no lives, if they draw, you lose one and if they lose, that’s 2 off your score.

The catch? You can only pick each team ONCE, so be smart, review the next few gameweeks and bookmark the Premier League fixture list to make life easy for yourself.

Here, we sum up just a few reasons why YOU should add Football Survivor to your weekly schedule, without giving up on our beloved Fantasy Premier League.

1. Missing those all important deadlines

We’ve all been there… its midday on the Saturday and you still haven’t finalised your team. You had one too many beers last night at the office party and you’ve slept through that crucial 10am alarm clock.

As you’re debating whether to pick Mane or Lallana, disaster strikes and you miss that crucial deadline. Well, with Football Survivor this just doesn’t happen.

They will send timely reminders during the week to make sure you get that pick in on time. Plus, they don’t prat about. You pick one team, not eleven players. What could be easier?

2. Always losing? Not with us

Frustrated at the fact that you never ever seem to win with FPL? Your captain, the best striker in the country, always seems to hit a drought as soon as you pick him? Or, the best centre half in the league scores a dozen own goals as you bring him in?

Well, with Football Survivor, it’s all on you. You pick the team you think will win, not the player. No more droughts, own goals and suspensions. This is about football knowledge, not luck.

3. What the hell is a Wildcard?

You’d be forgiven for running out of patience with the ever-changing lingo of the Fantasy Premier League. If it’s not a wildcard, it’s a double-gameweek or a vice-captain. When did it all get so confusing?

Why should you need an FPL dictionary just to keep up with the game’s rules? If football is your life and not FPL – then Football Survive is your game. They keep it simple and clean.

4. Win a copy of FIFA 17

Yes, you read that correctly – we’re giving away a copy of FIFA 17 for PS4 or Xbox to the winner of our @FFPundits vs. @_FPLtips Footie Survivor league, which starts at 12:30pm on December the 26th, 2016.

To enter, simply click the banner below or HERE and you’ll be asked to enter your email address and create a unique username – It takes less than 20-seconds to enter so please stay with us here…

Once you’re in, you’ll be asked to pick which Premier League team YOU think will win their Gameweek 18 fixture – but remember, you can only pick each team ONCE throughout the duration of this league, so choose wisely.

With more than 300 of our regulars already signed up, we hope to see many more of you in our league, battling it out for a copy of FIFA 17 as a late Christmas present to yourself. Click the banner below to join and be sure to tell a friend.

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