Fixture Rotation Pairs for the 2018/19 Fantasy Premier League Season

3:04pm Jul 13 2018

Premier League teams with a favourable run of HOME fixtures, for fantasy football bosses’ consideration

The 2018/19 Premier League fixtures were released a couple of weeks ago and in this article, we’ll be looking at which pairs of teams rotate well throughout the FPL season.

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What is fixture rotation?

Many of you will be familiar with the concept of rotating players based on fixtures but for anyone who hasn’t heard of this idea before, it simply means using two or more players collectively, with the intention of starting or benching them in turn, based on their upcoming fixtures.

So, in a two player rotation, the player with a good fixture will start and the other player, with a slightly less attractive fixture, will move to your bench. Then, you’ll continue to swap them around accordingly, depending on which one has the better fixture each Gameweek.

Why is fixture rotation useful?

Rotating players can be a good way of utilising your entire squad of 15 players, helping you to navigate through a player’s tough fixtures and plan accordingly, so you can swap him with a player from your bench.

This can be especially useful when we’re looking at budget goalkeepers and defenders, and perhaps your 5th midfielder or 3rd forward – those are the areas of your squad where you’re likely to spend less of your budget, so you can gain value by combining players and rotating them based on how easy or hard their fixture is on any given Gameweek.

Each of these pairing will give you one team with a home fixture, for each Gameweek, between the two of them.

The most useful pairs are likely to be the ones featuring two smaller teams, since their players will be more budget-friendly.

Rotation is less appealing when it’s concerning the big name players or players from the big teams because you pay a premium price tag for those, and if you’ve selected them to be in your team in the first place, you’re going to want to start them every week.

Here’s a full list of rotation pairs for the 2018/19 season:

Arsenal / Spurs
Bournemouth / Palace
Fulham / Chelsea
Huddersfield / Burnley
Liverpool / Everton
Man City / Man United
Newcastle / Brighton
Southampton / West Ham
Watford / Cardiff
Wolves / Leicester

*Bold indicates that neither team in the pairing finished in the Premier League’s top 6 last season.

At any point in the season, these pairings will give you one player with a home fixture.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be a kind run of fixtures – just that one out of the two will be at home, which can still be seen as favourable for FPL bosses.

Here are a few examples of times during the season where one of these pairings might come in handy, for a kind run of home fixtures.

Gameweeks: 1-5

Teams: Southampton / West Ham
Combined home fixtures: BUR, BOU, LEI, WOL & BHA.

Southampton have a very kind start to the season on paper, with home encounters against Burnley, Leicester and Brighton in the opening 5 Gameweeks.

But with only 3 of their 8 clean sheets last season coming on home turf, can we rely on them defensively?

Gameweeks: 3-9

Teams: Bournemouth / Crystal Palace
Combined home fixtures: EVE, SOU, LEI, NEW, CRY, WOL & SOU.

Bournemouth kept just 6 clean sheets last season, with 3 coming at home, while only 4 of Crystal Palace’s 9 clean sheets came at Selhurst Park.

However, we may be inclined to invest in their assets between Gameweek 3 and Gameweek 9, given their kind run of combined home fixtures.

Gameweeks: 5-14

Teams: Wolves / Leicester
Combined home fixtures: BUR, HUD, SOU, EVE, WAT, WHU, TOT/car, BUR, HUD & WAT.

Wolves arrive in the Premier League having topped the Championship last season, keeping 12 of their 24 clean sheets on home turf.

Leicester, meanwhile, kept a total of 9 clean sheets but 6 of them came at the King Power Stadium; making the Foxes ideal for a home rotation plan.

Between Gameweek 5 and Gameweek 14, this pairing offers home fixtures against Burnley, Huddersfield and Southampton, to name a few, with Spurs at home being the only top 6 side over those 10 games.

Gameweeks: 6-14

Teams: Brighton / Newcastle
Combined home fixtures: BOU, LEI, HUD, BHA, CHE/sou, WAT, BOU, NEW & WHU.

Brighton kept a very respectable 10 clean sheets last season, with 5 coming at home, while 7 of Newcastle’s 9 clean sheets came at St James’ Park.

Chelsea is the only tough home fixture for this pairing, throughout a 9 game spell between Gameweek 6 and Gameweek 14.

Gameweeks: 7-12

Teams: Watford / Cardiff
Combined home fixtures: BUR, BOU, FUL, HUD, LEI & BHA.

5 of Watford’s 9 clean sheets came on home turf, while Cardiff arrive in the Premier League having finished 2nd in the Championship last season, keeping 11 of their 19 clean sheets at home.

They face Burnley, Bournemouth, Fulham, Huddersfield, Leicester and Brighton for their combined home fixtures, between Gameweek 7 and Gameweek 12.

Gameweeks: 11-22

Teams: Burnley / Huddersfield
Combined home fixtures: FUL, WHU, NEW, BHA, LIV/bou, BHA, NEW, SOU, EVE, WHU, BUR & FUL.

Burnley enjoyed a very successful season last time around, finishing in 7th place and keeping a tally of 12 clean sheets, with 7 being won at Turf Moor.

Meanwhile, 7 of Huddersfield’s 10 clean sheets came at home, making this pair a very attractive proposition for the home fixtures between Gameweek 11 and Gameweek 22, where Liverpool is the only top 6 side faced, over 12 games.