Football Index - Test YOUR FPL Skills

12:00pm Jan 5 2020

Put your Fantasy Premier League skills and knowledge to good use this Christmas on the Football Index platform.

Do you believe you have superior football knowledge? Are you always beating your mates at fantasy football and seem to nail your accumulators?

Well, we have partnered with Football Index to help you utilise your football wisdom and put it to the test this Christmas.

Football Index is the stockmarket for buying shares in professional footballers and is a platform that a few of us here at Fantasy Football Pundits have been successfully using for quite some time now.

Trade in players you think will perform and, if you know your football, their value could rise and you can sell.

They can even win payouts (known as Dividends) when they score and assist – and also when they perform in the media.

How does it work?

Traders are able to win through several methods; buy low and sell high, or whilst winning performance-based Dividends along the way.

For those of you who use betting sites and like to play and win the same day, you could buy a player for a small amount, watch him play a blinder, watch his price soar, and sell at a profit.

This could be called high risk, high reward, but your football instincts are telling you this is the one!

For the wait-and-see kind of folk, there is the ability to hold shares in footballers over the long term and profit from capital appreciation.

These same players can also win you Dividends if they trend in the UK media or perform well on the pitch.

There are three ways you can gain Dividends:

>  Media – Is your player always in the news, making headlines? There would be a good chance of him being the daily Media winner, based on Football Index’s points algorithm.

> Match Day – Your player putting on a performance of a lifetime? With our data supplier, Opta, we are able to use a points system to rate a player’s performance. The top scoring defender, midfielder and striker each matchday across the top five leagues along with Champions League and Europa League wins the dividends.

> In Play – Get payouts on goals, assists and clean sheets in your first 30 days of owning shares in a player.

What type of trader will you be?

Sign up to Football Index today via the banner below and install their free iOS or Android app if you haven’t done so already – you can use their platform on Desktop also, if you prefer.

If you’ve not made a profit after 7 days or are no longer enjoying the platform, you can Instant Sell all your shares, email them with your username and they’ll refund losses up to £500 for you! No questions asked.

[18+ only –]