FPL Crossovers: Applying Strategy From Other Fantasy Leagues 

11:55am Oct 8 2020

FPL Crossovers: Applying Strategy From Other Fantasy Leagues

For spectators sidelined at a stadium, fantasy sports are an exciting way to get closer to the action. Worldwide, over 57 million fans dive deep into their favorite sport(s) through formal and impromptu fantasy leagues.

Whether its golf, MMA fighting, or FPL, there’s a fantasy league going on each season or tournament. Huge companies offer daily fantasy sports for those looking to wager with real money, while many other fantasy leagues take place at a bar with a group of friends.

Fantasy leagues involve statistics, foresight, and a managerial vision that reveals just how well a fan knows their chosen sport or league. Despite the vast differences between a fantasy league that covers the NFL versus standard football, there’s insight that can be gleaned from each different fantasy sport league.

When looking at the FPL, a few basic rules apply: know your stats on your roster, and your competition’s. But for the 7.6 million managers joining FPL this season, are there any other crucial strategies that can be obtained from the hundreds of other popular fantasy sports leagues worldwide?

Make the Points Work

Each fantasy sports league includes its own scoring system. The most basic advice across any league is to understand how your team accrues points and to target acquisition specifically. Goals, assists, saves, and clean sheets contribute to a winning FPL team.

In certain NFL fantasy leagues, points are awarded according to pass receptions and the performance of top players. This means that managers need to get creative with their lineups in order to increase the likelihood of accruing points.

FPL players can attempt to make out points from play by targeting a specific goal per game—whether that’s getting a shut out or piling on the offense against a team that’s got a hesitant defensive line. Shifting lineup and formation should also reinforce this type of goal.

By targeting points specifically, managers shift their focus from building a holistic and balanced team to have the ability to create a lineup that will guarantee a certain outcome. This strategy tends to work best in a smaller league.

Timing & Long-Term Vision

The closest a player in the NFL fantasy league will get to a wildcard or free hit chip like the FPL is the draft pick. Though sites that offer American football betting opportunities feature a variety of exciting bets for live-action games, the NFL fantasy league tends to be by-the-book.

This means there aren’t any bench boost, triple captain, or wildcard/free hit chips. This alters the ability of managers to take advantage of certain matchups in other fantasy sports leagues. But in the FPL, such options bring up the question of patience.

As the season pushes on, FPL managers need to decide when to employ their one-time chips like triple captain or wildcard. Two schools of thought reign: hold on until you can apply one option seamlessly, or use them as the time arises.

In fact, FPL’s one free transfer per week makes the game a lot more mobile than other fantasy sports leagues. In PGA fantasy leagues, users are allowed six golfers on their lineup, two of which will be benched in each tournament.

Additionally, users can only utilize a primary golfer so many times per season. This greatly limits the user’s ability to shift their lineup and adjust their play. However, it brings some interesting strategy to play.

Users are looking for endurance and consistency in players. The same strategy can be applied to FPL. Given the budgetary constrictions for FPL the initial squad and then subsequent transfers (points deduction), users should look for a robust lineup.

While star players drive teams to win and can put goals behind the net, a strong lineup should include a solid defender and strikers who have strong endurance during each match, as well as season-long.

Again, given FPL’s usage of chips, these concerns may not be pressing for managers. However, season-long considerations can help boost a team that’s lagging in the last few weeks of play.