FPL Double Gameweek 34 Q&A: Free Hit Draft Team? Kane or Lukaku?

12:51pm Apr 12 2018

Harry Kane, Romelu Lukaku, Bench Boost and Free Hit’s are the talk of the FPL town in our DOUBLE Gameweek 34 Q&A

@_FPLTips and @FFPundits have once again reached out to the fantasy Fantasy Premier League Community this week to ask for your burning questions and concerns ahead of Saturday’s 11:30am Double Gameweek 34 deadline.

Once again, we were inundated with so many brilliant and fascinating questions and we thank you all for that – sadly, we only have space in the article and video for 5 or 6 questions each week, so apologies to those who aren’t featured.

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Subho (@92Subho) asks:

“I am wildcarding this week and don’t have Free Hit chip. But I do have my Bench Boost. How do I proceed?”

As you’ve probably noted, Burnley are the only side with a Double Gameweek 34 and also a fixture in Gameweek 35, so if you were looking to max out on Double Gameweek players for 34, it would leave you without a team in Gameweek 35.

In this instance, it may be better to work towards using the Bench Boost in Double Gameweek 37, rather than in 34.

This way, you can select a more balanced squad with your Wildcard, which includes some players for Double Gameweek 34, and some with Gameweek 35 in mind – particularly those who play in Gameweek 35 and have a Double Gameweek 37, so Arnautovic, Man City players, Arsenal players, etc.

Those would all get you through Blank Gameweek 35 and come in handy for a Bench Boost in 37.

RealDebacle (@RealDebacle) asks:

“Sell Salah to free up funds to bring Kane in?”

There was a big divide in terms of whether or not to sell Salah last Gameweek, where we had the advantage of knowing he wouldn’t play against Everton, so it gave us the opportunity to bring in a Double Gameweek midfielder, who had the potential for 3 fixtures instead of Salah’s 1, against Bournemouth.

However, it’s a much more tricky decision now that it’s a week down the line, especially as we can expect Salah to play against Bournemouth, with the next Champions League match a while away.

For a player like Kane, it may just be worth it though. Especially if you see yourself giving him the armband.

Ezio (@ColonelChikara) asks:

“Who is better choice for GW34: Kane or Lukaku?”

This must be the most asked question this week and it’s a really, really tough one. On the one hand, you’ve got the man chasing the Golden Boot for a third consecutive season and on the other hand, you’ve got one of the best strikers in the Premier League ahead of two kind fixtures against West Brom and Bournemouth.

There’s logic to back either option, so there isn’t a right or wrong answer here really.

If you’re looking to bring one of them in with the rest of the season in mind, it almost certainly has to be Kane, with his incredible run from GW36, where he really will be pushing for the Golden Boot.

However, if it’s for Gameweek 34 only, I do think it’s an option to gamble on Lukaku instead. The fixtures are kinder, we’ve got less concerns over his fitness and Mourinho tends to play him for 90 minutes every game.

Man Utd have scored 10 goals during their last 4 league matches, which is on par with Arsenal; only Spurs have scored more, with 11.

Eli Kachchhap (@elishakachchhap) asks:

“Can I see your Free Hit draft team please?”

Many of you requested to see a Free Hit draft team, and it was the initial plan to play the Free Hit this week, before the late decision to Wildcard in Gameweek 33.

So, here’s something along the lines of how that team would have looked.

There would still of course be the Kane vs Lukaku dilemma but I think on a Free Hit, you can probably afford to fit in Alexis Sanchez and perhaps that makes Kane the safer way to go upfront.

If Ben Mee continues to be sidelined with an injury, Kevin Long could be a great enabler at the back and you can afford to go with £3.9m options on the bench too, to max out on the starting XI.

Alternatively, you could look to get Antonio Valencia ahead of Marcos Alonso – that would free up the funds necessary to upgrade Long to Lowton.

On current form, Christian Eriksen looks like the way to go if you can afford him and on a Free Hit, I think that’s where you can gain the advantage over those of us using the Bench Boost, who’ve gone with the cheaper alternatives in Son or Alli.

Leon Of London (@leonoflondon) asks:

“Triple captain Lukaku in Gameweek 34 or Kane in Gameweek 37?”

Again, there’s no right or wrong answer here but for those with the Triple Captain chip remaining, I think Gameweek 37 looks the time to play it.

Lukaku’s fixtures are strong in 34, but Kane’s in 37 are just as good, if not better – away to West Brom and at home to Newcastle.

No player has produced more shots on target than the Spurs man, over the course of the season (68) or during this calendar year (24).

And the final question for this episode comes from Felix (@FO2708), who asks:

“Is Sanchez a good option? He’s expensive but could be a great differential.”

He absolutely could be. I think going for both Lukaku and Sanchez would be a lot to invest in Man Utd’s attack, given that Jose Mourinho hasn’t filled us with confidence in his desire to push for goals in these kinds of games.

However, if with the way your team is set up, it’s easier to fit Sanchez in as a midfield option than Lukaku as a forward option, I think that’s a nice gamble to take.

He’s been directly involved in 4 goals during the last 2 Gameweeks, which is more than any other player has managed in that time, beating Alli and Eriksen, who’ve each provided 3 FPL involvements each.

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