FPL Fixture Difficulty Rating Tracker - Gameweek's 12 to 17

8:30am Sep 25 2018

Fantasy Premier League Fixture Difficulty Rating (FDR) Tracker – Gameweek’s 12 to 17

Firstly, FDR stands for Fixture Difficulty Rating and was introduced by the Official Fantasy Premier League a few seasons ago.

The basis of the colour defined fixtures is to show a rating of ease of fixture from 1 to 5 with 1 being the easiest to 5 being the most difficult, allegedly.

FPL Fixture Difficulty Rating Tracker - Gameweek's 12 to 17

I looked at these FDR ratings and noticed a few issues with them and despite my feedback falling on deaf ears at FPL HQ, they are still, in my view, incorrect!

For a start, there are no FDR ratings of 1 which is beyond any comprehendible understanding.

NOTE: These FDR’s have just been re-calibrated with the next adjustment set for Gameweek 17.

My FDR’s explained

First of all, the furthermost columns in the tracker illustrates the FDR’s for each team that I have initially created from the amount of goals conceded last season, both from a home and away perspective.

I have also decided to list all new promoted teams as FDR 1 when they play away.

I plan on refreshing the FDR’s every 6 gameweeks, so these will dynamically change across a full season.

To add more information the FDR’s in the aforementioned table, these are sorted by the amount of goals conceded so as you can see, Manchester City conceded the least amount of goals when playing away (13) and Manchester United conceded the least amount when playing at home (9)

NOTE: These FDRs are built based on the opposition alone, yet this may change when I develop them further.

For example; if Manchester City play Fulham at home that would be an FDR1 and also, if Cardiff play Fulham at home, that will also be an FDR1.

The full table simply takes these FDR’s and drops them into the fixtures for a rolling 6 gameweek forecast.

I have then added two indicators from a 4GW and a 6GW view, to show which teams have the easiest fixtures, based on my FDR’s only as described above.

I plan to amend this table at the end of each gameweek and will post and pin the updated tracker as a pinned tweet on my twitter profile – @FPL_vs.

If you have any questions, improvements or suggestions on how to make this better, I am all ears and very much welcome your feedback.

It is very basic but much more accurate, in my opinion, then the official FPL ratings.

If you are not already, please follow me at @FPL_vs and feel free to continue to discussion.

Thank you for reading ‘Fantasy Premier League Tips – FPL Fixture Difficulty Tracker – Gameweek’s 12 to 17’ which was written and produced by @FPL_vs