FPL Managers - Ignore Sergio Aguero at your peril?

8:57pm Jul 22 2017

To Aguero or not to Aguero, that’s the question? The Man City strikers relationship with Pep goes under the knife by @FPLChef

There’s been a lot of mixed debate and opinion amongst the Fantasy Premier League community this month, as the Manchester City striker, Sergio Aguero (9.3% ownership), has come under fire on both his price-tag and potential FPL returns.

The general consensus being that Guardiola “doesn’t like him” – also, that Gabriel Jesus (13.9% ownership) will start ahead of the Argentine hit-man, with Aguero likely to be benched, or, more of an impact sub… some claim.

I would wager my entire life-savings (£86.91) that Aguero’s ownership is now one of the lowest it has ever been since his first season in England.

The surprising thing to me, @FPLChef, is that most of the online opinion seems to be coming from rumours and internet talk – with some FPL managers managing to convince each other and themselves in to accepting this chitter-chatter.

No offence to those who do have this opinion by the way – that’s what football debate and the Fantasy Premier League game and punditry is all about.

In my opinion, from what I’ve witnessed, some people are not looking logically at the evidence and seem to be going off some arbitrary gut-instinct that he’s not going to be an important part of Pep’s plans and setup this season.

Well, I am here to try to dispel this myth by dissecting the evidence and offering my own, logical opinion on this matter.

The rumour mill

First of all, let’s all consider a few things – the rumour of Pep not liking him grew from not starting in the Barcelona game back in 2016.

It was, however, confirmed that Pep did not want to risk him with so much still to play for – Aguero had also just played in two World Cup qualifiers.

Hardly surprising either given the injury record Aguero has – frustrating many a manager with his glass thighs and constantly declaring himself fit, whilst admitting to taking risks with his fitness.

After that, he supposedly had a falling out with Pep, but then signed a 2 year contract extension in January.

The plan has always been to go back to Argentina for Kun, when his contract expires on a free.

Do you think he’s going to play second-fiddle and be a bit-part player – and then sign a contract extension?

Since this played out, Pep has been inundated with questions by the press on the future of the Argentine hit-man.

He and the owner have reiterated on many occasions that Aguero is staying. Also, that he remains a “key part of the team.”

What Pep said

Let us now look at some of these quotes, as Pep gushed over Aguero in the latter half of the 2016-17 Premier League season.

The first notable praise was after the 4-1 victory over Huddersfield, with Aguero scoring twice.

“It’s the best performance I’ve ever seen from Sergio,”

“I love him – the way he played – the way he was involved.”

A very public backing from the Spaniard. Then, in April 2017 he received this praise from Guardiola – which to me, shows they’re both happy with each other, and Kun had successfully taken on board what was expected of him.

“My feeling before that he was just waiting to score a goal. Now he’s involved in the game. Not just the defensive part.”

Despite Guardiola being an attack-minded coach, he likes to keep possession, as it means the opposition do not have the ball. Which in turn means they cannot score and his teams can choke the game.

Guardiola now feels that Aguero is not just waiting up front to score. That he is now actively part of the team and contributing to all phases of play.

This viewpoint was further backed up in May 2017, as City all but clinched Champions League football against West Brom, beating them 3-1.

Aguero did not score, but had a big hand in all 3 goals and once again, Pep was gushing with pride and admiration after the match

“He made an amazing, amazing performance”

There’s also another myth flying around that Jesus and Aguero “will not play together.”

During a recent pre-season press conference, The City boss had this to say:

“Last season we had Gabriel Jesus out for a long time – I would have like to have seen them (him and Aguero) play more together.”

They did play together a few times last season and it looked a good combination. Both dropping deep at times to link the play together, whilst the other took up a goal-scoring position.

So, there’s plenty of evidence available that Pep likes Aguero and that he will have a big part to play in Manchester City’s quest for the title and possible European glory this season.

Pep also has previous experience with getting 2 strikers to work. At Bayern, he had Muller and Lewandowski playing together – they used to score for fun. Pep showing that he has more in his tactical locker than just false number 9’s.

From an FPL perspective

Aguero is valued at £11.5m, which in my opinion, is a decent price for those who want to own him, but appears “overpriced” for those who don’t share my opinion.

With his ownership as low as it (9.3%), if he nets a goal or racks up double-digit FPL points from other means in the opening Gameweek 1 weekend against Brighton and Hove Albion, his value is only going one way!

I should, really, be keeping my strong views on this to myself, as right now, he’s a massive differential – especially when you see that Roberto Firmino (19.3%) has double the owners of Aguero.

The guy is an absolute points machine and should be ignored at your peril.

Even last season, Kun still managing 20 league goals – despite picking up injuries and also suspensions throughout City’s season.

To me it’s quite simple – if he plays, he scores.

As good as Jesus was in that short spell last season, I cannot see him being the main, lone striker which some claim he will – and especially not at the expense of Aguero.

Inevitably, as all young players do, he will hit a patch of bad form.

Are you seriously telling me that Aguero will not start matches if Jesus is not scoring?

Are some people serious in thinking that Aguero will not play alongside Jesus to help teach him and be his partner in crime, rather than his support aid from the bench?

Ultimately it’s your FPL team and none of us fantasy football writers are here to tell you what to do – we’re here to offer a written opinion which exceeds the 140 characters available to us on Twitter.

It’s your choice and honestly, I hope his ownership decreases to the 7% or 8% mark, to make him even more of a shrewd move come Gameweek 1.

I hope that I have made my case well and defended my views on why I think Aguero should be in your FPL team, whilst also dispelling the myths around him.

I for one will be captaining Sergio Aguero in Gameweek 1 and have already ordered the bunting and cake for when he bags a hat-trick against Brighton and Hove Albion on August the 12th.

I thank you for taking the time to read my article today and ask that if you’ve any feedback, questions or concerns about what I’ve written, then be sure to contact me via twitter to continue the discussion – @FPLChef

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Thank you for reading ‘Fantasy Premier League Tips: FPL Managers – Ignore Sergio Aguero at your peril?’ which was written and produced by @FPLChef

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  1. The main issue with Aguero is rotation – Pep is clearly building a team with the Champions League in mind. He’s purposefully overloading his midfield (and defence now it seems) with options so that he can rest players throughout the season in preparation for the Champions League games. It thus seems very likely that, although Jesus and Aguero might play in certain games together, this pattern won’t be consistent and at many times it will be one or the other (probably sharing minutes throughout the games). As such, there is a lot of risk involved in going for either option. Personally, if I was to get City cover I would be looking at KDB over either Aguero or Jesus, as he seems to be the most nailed on for minutes, though the above argument perhaps applies to him also.

    1. Rotation at City this season is a given. The 2 questions I want to ask regarding Aguero is firstly “can he score a decent amount of points if only playing 80% of the available minutes?” and secondly “Can I bank on him starting specific games when I want him as captain?”.
      The answer to the first question, with the amount of chances City create, is almost certainly Yes. The answer to the 2nd one is definitely ‘No’…and is not a problem that you would expect to have with other popular captain options (Rom, Kane, Haz, Alexis).

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