The NEW FPL Strategy Tool is now available for the 2018/19 Fantasy Premier League season

11:13am Jul 11 2018

Plan your every move on FPL this season using our NEW, customisable, Strategy Tool Spreadsheet

The  Strategy FPL tool has been designed to help the FPL community forward plan transfers, mastermind the perfect chip strategy and identify the short, medium and long-term fixture implications arising from player selection.

For example – if you’re looking for the best goalkeeping combinations and need to understand how Courtois, Pickford and Butland rotate with Watford’s new signing, Ben Foster – this is where the Strategy FPL Tool can help, as the easy to use player selector will automatically update corresponding fixtures for each player.

The tool also incorporates daily price changes to make sure managers have the most up to date data, at any given time. Smart, right?

2018/19 FPL Strategy Tool - Fantasy Premier League Tips

Furthermore, the tool will prove crucial later in the season when double game weeks are announced.

It will enable you to prepare weeks, if not months in advance – and this is where Fantasy Premier League managers typically expect to return their biggest hauls of the season.

The link below, which can also be found in the description of @StrategyFPL twitter profile, enables users to ‘create a copy’ of the Google based spreadsheet.

It can also be viewed on Mobile providing Google Drive and Google Sheets are downloaded – if you experience any issues with this, there is a walk through guide on the @StrategyFPL timeline, with an instructional video also.