Gameweek 14 FPL Form Table - Home vs. Away

9:43am Nov 29 2019

Solid attacking returns from both Liverpool and Leicester City are expected once again in Gameweek 14, according to @FPL_vs

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[Article written and published by @FPL_vs]

Our Fantasy Premier League Form Chart represents the position in the Premier League form tables for each team, pitched against each other over a historic period of 3 games – along with other vital information, such as goals scored and conceded for every team.

I (@FPL_vs) will explain the chart so you can use it to your advantage in your Fantasy Premier League world to gain the edge on your rivals – unless of course, they too are also reading this!

Gameweek 14 - FPL Form Chart

If we look at the Gameweek 13 chart above, we can see each game represented in the middle, with the home team on the left and the2401 away team to the right.

The Form Chart explained

The teams’ position in the form table (over 3 home games, or 3 away games) is illustrated using the coloured bars.

If a team’s bar is Green (Winning Team) that means they are higher in the form table than their opponents.

It is possible for both teams to be in the same position in their respective form table (for example 5th in the home form table vs 5th in the away form table) if this occurs then I use the GF and GA stats to decide which bar is Green.

GF (Goals For) states the amount of goals the team has scored over their last 3 home or away games.

GA (Goals Against) states the amount of goals the team has conceded over their last 3 home or away games.

What’s the Goal Swing?

Goal Swing = GF of the Winning Team (Green Bar) + GA of the Losing Team (Red Bar).

The fixture with the highest Goal Swing will then glow orange, meaning the Winning Team in that fixture is projected to score the most goals.

In my weekly tweet I will also state which teams came close (2nd and 3rd) in this Goal Swing measure.

For Gameweek 14, the order is:

> 1st Leicester: GF9 + GA5 = Swing of +14

> 2nd Liverpool: G7 + GA7 = Swing of +14

> 3rd Watford: GA15(-5) + GF3 = Swing of +13 (manual adjustment due to 0-9 defeat)

That’s it, it’s really that simple and these charts have proved very useful for me (@FPL_vs) and others in the past.

When I first created this, I used it to pick my captain and commenced a 10 Gameweek winning captain streak with this change in approach.

In the past, I have used the same format above but with different stats – including ‘total form’ over 3 and 6 games, ignoring the home or away bias.

However, I believe the last 3 home vs the last 3 away is a more accurate view of form for each game, in my opinion.

If you’ve any questions about any of the above, then please don’t hesitate to send me a tweet via my Twitter handle @FPL_vs and thank you for reading.

Thank you for reading ‘Fantasy Premier League Tips – Gameweek 14 FPL Form Table – Home vs. Away’ which was written and produced by @FPL_vs