Gameweek 30 Q&A: Where Do You Plan to Use Your Remaining Chips?

11:15pm Mar 7 2018

Your Gameweek 3o and 31 questions answered by @_FPLTips to help assist with your FPL planning - Live Daily Fantasy Football and Soccer

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Walid (@WalidEPSN) asks:

“Is it time to get rid of Wilson? If so, who should I replace him with?”

Wilson has put us in a difficult situation because he’s blanked in each of the last 4 Gameweeks now, over some good fixtures against Stoke and Newcastle at home and Huddersfield and Leicester away.

But for now at least, he’s still been starting games and Bournemouth are 1 of only 8 teams with a fixture in Gameweek 31.

With that in mind, I’d be inclined to hold onto him for 2 more weeks and then look to sell him after the home game against West Brom in Gameweek 31 and just accept that he might get reduced minutes in that time.

If you’re someone who is either playing the Free Hit chip in Gameweek 31 or you already have a good number of players in your team with a fixture that week, maybe then you could think about upgrading him to someone like Benteke or Josh King, who we learned last Gameweek is on penalties for Bournemouth ahead of Wilson. But those are luxury transfers really.

Felix (@FelixWHU) asks:

“What to do with Sterling?”

It depends on your strategy going forwards in many ways.

If you’re planning to use the Wildcard straight after Gameweek 31, then there’s less of a risk in selling Sterling because you can always bring him back in then and you’ll be able to replace him with a player who is more assured of a start in Gameweek 30 and has a fixture in Gameweek 31, while Man City will be without a fixture.

For those without an Everton midfielder, Theo Walcott or Gylfi Sigurdsson could be ones to look at, with Brighton at home this weekend, before Stoke away the following Gameweek.

However, if you’re looking to hold onto the Wildcard for a few more weeks or you’ve already used it, it might be better to just keep hold of Sterling.

He’s been back in training for a few days now and there’s a good chance he’ll play a part midweek in the Champions League, ahead of the Monday night fixture against Stoke.

Dan (@BainesOnToast22) asks:

“Is Lukaku now an option?”

His goal against Crystal Palace means he’s now provided 3 goals and 1 assist over the last 4 Gameweeks; only Aguero (5) and Salah (7) have been directly involved in more goals during that period.

His return to form coincides with Man Utd’s potential Double Gameweek, which is expected to fall in Gameweek 34. That would see them face West Brom at home and West Ham away that Gameweek, so Lukaku would be a key target for us if that was the case.

For those looking to play the Wildcard in Gameweek 32, you could look at bringing Lukaku in there, ahead of Man Utd’s home fixture against Swansea.

Daniel (@daniellooijian) asks:

“Should we start taking risks on Arsenal players because of their good fixtures? Yet no form! If so, who?”

As far as their defenders and midfielders go, there aren’t really any options that have shown consistency of late. Aaron Ramsey would be ideal if it weren’t for his injury record and Henrikh Mkhitaryan has shown glimpses of what he can do but nothing overly impressive.

However, Aubameyang is someone to keep an eye on, having already scored twice during his first 4 league appearances for Arsenal, despite facing Man City and Spurs over that run.

His tally of 5 shots on target over the last 4 Gameweeks puts him level with Lukaku; only Aguero (7) and Kane (10) have taken more amongst forwards, over that period.

For most of us, the home fixture against Watford in Gameweek 30 will be a chance to observe Arsenal and assess whether or not we should move in for their players after the Gameweek 31 blank, where they’ll face home fixtures against Stoke, Southampton and West Ham over a 4-week period.

Zamboni (@Zamboni_x) asks:

“Where do you plan to use your remaining chips and why? Is it not better to have a strong team for the next Gameweek and Free Hit for 31?”

Using the Free Hit chip in Gameweek 31 is an option for those who haven’t already been planning for that week by bringing in players such as Mané, Van Dijk, Walcott, Shaqiri, etc. But there could well be a better time to play it in the future.

In Gameweek 35, we’ll once again face a scenario where a number of teams will have their games postponed due to advancing in the FA Cup but this time it could be even more of a problem, as it falls right in-between the two Double Gameweeks, which are likely to be in Gameweek 34 and Gameweek 37.

So, using the Free Hit chip there would enable us to really maximise our scores in those Double Gameweeks.

A third use for the chip is during a Double Gameweek itself. For Gameweek 34, for example, if that is indeed when the next Double Gameweek falls.

You could use the Free Hit chip to load up on 11 players who play twice, before reverting back to your previous team for Gameweek 35, which would be more suited for the Blank Gameweek, given that teams like Man Utd, Spurs and Chelsea have a high chance of being without a fixture that week, yet their players will be important for us to own in the potential Double Gameweek 34.

If you’ve already used the Triple Captain chip, you might consider the following strategy:

GW34: Free Hit

GW36: Wildcard

GW37: Bench Boost

For those with all chips remaining, the consensus seems to be a strategy with an earlier Wildcard:

GW32-33: Wildcard

GW34: Bench Boost

GW35: Free Hit

GW37: Triple Captain

Nikola Cazic (@cazic_nikola), who asks:

“Is Rajiv van La Parra good shout for the upcoming Gameweeks? He is cheap and has a good run of fixtures?”

He’s started each of the last 4 Gameweeks, scoring 2 goals and his tally of 5 efforts on target is on par with Arnautovic and more than Ramsey, Shaqiri, Lingard or Stanislas have managed in that time (4).

Huddersfield are 1 of only 8 teams with a fixture in Gameweek 31 and they host Swansea in Gameweek 30, so the next two games particularly are appealing for van La Parra.

So, aside from the popular trio of Salah, Walcott and Shaqiri from the selection of Gameweek 31 midfielders, the Huddersfield man looks to be a good alternative in the short-term.

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