Gameweek 32 Q&A: Wildcard, Free Hit, Bench Boost & Triple Captain Chip Strategy

8:36am Mar 29 2018

@_FPLTips answers questions on wildcards, when to free hit and triple captaincy chip strategies in this week’s Q&A


@_FPLTips and @FFPundits have once again reached out to the Fantasy Premier League Community on Twitter this week, to ask for your burning questions and concerns ahead of Saturday’s 11:30am Gameweek 32 deadline.

Once again, we were inundated with so many fantastic questions and we thank you all for that – sadly, we only have space in the article and video for 5 or 6 questions each week, so apologies to those who aren’t featured.

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Huzaifa Husain (@HuzziHusain) asks:

“Which non-DGW players are worth bringing in for the next 2 weeks on a wildcard?”

This will depend on which chips you have remaining to navigate the future Double Gameweeks and Blank Gameweek 35.

Most FPL managers will be likely to keep Salah and use Aubameyang as a placeholder for Lukaku/Kane. So those are the two names that immediately spring to mind.

Some cheaper enablers from Swansea/Newcastle could be an option, especially for those who don’t have the Free Hit chip left – those teams will play in GW35 and then are likely to have a DGW37.

Arnautovic could be a differential option, due to being OOP (Out of Position) and playing as a forward.

West Ham face Stoke at home in GW34, his former club and they’ve also got a fixture in GW35 and a likely DGW37. So again, that could be an option to consider for those without a Free Hit.

Yousef (@joeynotnice) asks:

“What if I used all my chips, how should I move forward?”

If you’ve used all your chips, you’re likely to have to make some compromises going forwards, so decide where you’d prefer to make those.

For example, will you aim for less DGW players in GW34, to be able to field more players in GW35.

Burnley players could be useful, as they feature in DGW34 and also have a fixture in GW35.

Leicester players are also ones to focus on. They don’t play in GW35 but they have good fixtures remaining and feature in both DGWs.

Finally, as mentioned in the previous question, Arnautovic and Swansea/Newcastle players may be options to consider, as they each have a single home fixture in Gameweek 34, play in Gameweek 35 and then have a likely Double Gameweek 37.

Big Cliff’s on Fire (@Lcliffo88) asks:

“What strategy would you recommend for those with all chips and Wildcard still available?”

The most common strategy will still be:

GW32: Wildcard

GW34: Bench Boost

GW35: Free Hit

GW37: Triple Captain

There are a few variations of this. For example, you might decide to use the Triple Captain chip in Gameweek 34, using your Free Transfers after that to prepare for the Bench Boost in Gameweek 37 – that Double Gameweek will involve more teams than Gameweek 34, but it may come with extra risk of rotation, given how late during the season it is.

Essentially, there isn’t a right or wrong way to use the chips – as long as you have a plan for how you’re going use them and you stick to it, you’ll likely make up some ground in the remaining weeks.

The Ghost of Sparta (@RonaqVikamsey) asks:

“Should I or should I not double up on Arsenal? (Aubameyang/Mkhitaryan) or (Aubameyang/Ramsey)?”

Aubameyang certainly looks like a player we can rely on for the next couple of games and potentially beyond that, depending on your chip strategy.

However, the other players from Arsenal may be at a higher risk of rotation, due to them still competing in the Europa League – Aubameyang is of course unable to play in that competition.

Ramsey has already been rested for a couple of Premier League games around a Europa League match and the concern is that a similar thing could happen to Mkhitaryan, although it hasn’t so far.

So, ultimately, it is a risk but Mkhitaryan looks like the slightly safer pick from the two. However, you could consider alternatives such as Heung-Min Son or Willian, who are both around that price range.

Arun Raghavan (@ArunHvguru) asks:

“Which among the 2 do I start? Walcott vs City or Shaqiri vs Arsenal?”

It’s a tough one – they both have tricky fixtures but they’re players who can easily turn up and get a return on their day.

Over the last 4 Gameweeks, Walcott’s perhaps looked the more likely to do damage, despite the pair each providing just the 1 FPL return over that period.

He’s been involved in 4 ‘big chances’ and has created 2 ‘big chances’, while Shaqiri hasn’t delivered in either of those areas and has taken just the 1 goal attempt from inside the box.

Having said that, Man City have kept clean sheets in 3 of their last 4 games, conceding just the 1 goal and just the 1 ‘big chance’ – so their defence has been incredibly solid.

Arsenal have shipped 6 goals in the same time-frame and only West Ham (14) and Bournemouth (15) have conceded more ‘big chances’ (13).

So, all in all, it’s a pretty 50-50 choice – but I’d be tempted to gamble on Shaqiri, primarily because of Man City’s impressive defence and also because he’s their key man for creating and scoring chances, even though goals have been hard to come by for them.

Finally, Stavre Koroveshi (@KoroveshiStavre) asks:

“For those who have only the Triple Captain chip, when is the perfect time to use it?”

It’s generally safer to use it in a Double Gameweek, because you give the player two chances to get returns.

In Gameweek 34, unless Harry Kane returns from injury in time, you’ll probably be looking at Romelu Lukaku for the armband, with fixtures at home to West Brom and away to Bournemouth.

But it’s looking likely that Harry Kane will be back in time for Gameweek 37, where Spurs are likely to have a second Double Gameweek, taking on West Brom away and Newcastle at home.

For those with the Triple Captain remaining, that looks like a very tempting time to use it, given that Kane will be in need of a few goals to chase Mohamed Salah, in the race for the Golden Boot.

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