Gameweek 33 Q&A: Bring Kane Back for Stoke? Lukaku vs Kane in DGW34?

11:31pm Apr 4 2018

Harry KANE vs Romelu LUKAKU for Double Gameweek 34? Welcome to GW33’s Q&A session with @_FPLTips - Live Daily Fantasy Football and Soccer

@_FPLTips and @FFPundits have once again reached out to the fantasy Fantasy Premier League Community on Twitter this week, to ask for your burning questions and concerns ahead of Saturday’s 11:30am Gameweek 33 deadline.

Once again, we were inundated with so many brilliant and fascinating questions and we thank you all for that – sadly, we only have space in the article and video for 5 or 6 questions each week, so apologies to those who aren’t featured.

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Vinay Ashwin (@vinayashwin) asks:

“Bring in Kane? Or wait until Gameweek 34? BTW, he loves Stoke?”

As you mentioned, Kane does love playing against Stoke – he’s scored 8 goals in his last 4 games against them and it’s a fixture that Spurs on the whole tend to enjoy; they’ve scored 4 or more goals in each of their last 4 meetings.

But can we be certain that Kane is fully fit and ready to start? Hopefully, Pochettino will give us an update in his press conference later this week but as things stand, it could be a bit of a gamble to bring Kane in early.

The other concern is Stoke’s relatively good defensive form. Yes, they conceded 3-0 goals to Arsenal last week but they held them out until the 75th minute and looked really solid and organised for the most part, as they have done since Paul Lambert took charge.

FPL Pasq (@PasqFpl) asks:

“Who’s most essential for DGW34. Lukaku or Kane?”

This is a really tough one and again, we don’t really have all the information we need to be able to fully assess the situation at the moment because it largely depends on how close to full fitness Kane is.

Spurs have a lot of games coming up, with the FA Cup semi-final against Man Utd taking place just a few days after the Double Gameweek, so can we be certain that Kane will get 90 minutes in each of the games?

With this one, I guess it depends whether you’ve used the Wildcard already or not. If you have, and you have limited FTs to get your team ready for DGW37, then Kane may be the way to go, since Spurs’ fixtures from GW36 onwards are slightly better than Man Utd’s and he’s chasing the Golden Boot.

However, looking at DGW34 in isolation, as things stand, I have to say I’m actually leaning towards Lukaku. The fixtures are kinder and we can be more certain of Lukaku’s fitness. But, of course, that all could change nearer the time.

Roopkiran (@Roopkiran16) asks:

“Captaincy picks!! Is GW33 the perfect opportunity to go for a Differential captain pick instead of Salah?”

It could well be. We know how incredible Salah is and this is definitely nothing to do with his form or even Liverpool’s form.

But the issue is that Gameweek 33 falls right in the middle of their Champions League tie with Man City, with each leg taking place either side of the Premier League fixture against Everton.

With that in mind, we could potentially see Klopp rotate or give limited minutes to certain key players, depending on the result of the first leg.

The key alternative who stands out for me is Arsenal’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, as Arsenal host a Southampton side that have suffered 3-0 defeats in each of their previous two league matches.

The Ghost of Sparta (@RonaqVikamsey) asks:

“Should I hold on to Arnautovic ahead of their tough fixtures?”

It’s a classic form vs fixtures dilemma and for me, it depends on your situation with the chips and Wildcard in many ways.

If you’re someone who has already used all the chips, then keeping Arnautovic is probably the best move because your free transfers are more valuable and will need to be working towards navigating the Blank Double Gameweek 35 and the two Double Gameweeks either side.

Although the West Ham man doesn’t have a Double Gameweek in 34, he does have a home fixture against Stoke, his former club and he then plays in Blank Gameweek 35 and will be involved in the second Double Gameweek – so he looks good for the long run.

Inaan (@devil_inaan) asks:

“Best mid for below £6.5m? Ki Sung and Kenedy in the team!”

At that price, I’d be tempted to return to Manchester United’s Jesse Lingard.

Many of us were frustrated by him earlier on in the season but he has chipped away with goals and assists – he’s directly contributed to 13 goals in 27 appearances.

It’s the Manchester derby this week but as mentioned earlier, Man City are likely to have one eye on their Champions League tie with Liverpool.

Then, there’s the two Double Gameweeks for Lingard of course and in recent weeks, it’s only been the two games against Chelsea and Liverpool that he hasn’t started.

Finally, Dan Thompson (@DanThompson7) asks:

“What players could be real strong differentials for the upcoming weeks? Hazard 6.8% stands out.”

Well you mentioned Hazard, with his 6.8% ownership and in addition to him, Alexis Sanchez is a name who could be a very interesting differential, owned by just 2.9% of managers at present, after his goal and assist against Swansea last weekend.

Amongst forwards, Charlie Austin might be someone to keep an eye on, with his 0.6% ownership. He’s completing 60 minutes on just 6 occasions this season, but has an impressive 6 goals to his name and he made his return from injury during the defeat to West Ham last weekend.

So, that brings this episode to a close but thanks for sending in your questions as always and best of luck in Gameweek 33.

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