Gameweek 5 FPL Podcast - Is it time to Wildcard?

8:54am Oct 15 2020

Gameweek 5 transfers, captain picks and Wildcard discussion by Josh and Brandon from the Always Cheating FPL Podcast

Gameweek 5 FanTeam Weekly Monster

While Fantasy Premier League managers wait out what remains of the International Break, we take a closer at Josh’s active wildcard and discuss what it means to trigger a chip from a position of strength versus out of necessity.

This week’s other dilemmas center on Aston Villa’s surprising form, Manchester City’s worrying results, and the chaos that the Spurs attack threatens to rain down upon us.

All of this, plus listener questions and a preview of Gameweek 5 fixtures, transfer targets, and captaincy picks.

Hail Cheaters!

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