Gameweek 7 FPL Podcast - Target and Captains

10:31pm Oct 29 2020

Blanks and low returns for many key Fantasy Premier League assets in Gameweek 6 have left us with more questions, then answers.

fanteam gameweek 7 monster

While normal service threatens to resume with this weekend’s relatively (and that’s a heavily qualified “relatively”) predictable score-lines, fantasy managers are seeing some shockingly low points tallies.

Is Gameweek 6 just another one of those flukey weeks? Or is there something we can learn?

Josh and Brandon look at the increasing FPL influence of the forward slot and discuss some key questions ahead of Gameweek 7:

Can Bamford or Zaha actually be trusted?

Which players are in our ideal defensive line?

Will Chelsea turn the corner soon?

And is a Salah/Mané double-up worth the price?

Plus, we dig into some macro fantasy strategy before focusing on transfer targets and captaincy picks for the upcoming game week.

Hail Cheaters!

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