Getting the Most Out of Your Fantasy Football Bets

11:35am May 5 2019

How to enhance your Fantasy Football betting experience

Fantasy Football’s popularity is increasing at a rate comparative to a footballer’s salary, or the GDP of a small country; meaning, a lot!

It’s all about taking something that gives you joy and squeezing every last drop of excitement out of it that you can. And just like with many websites online offering sports betting, it’s is a great way to further enhance the excitement on offer, but with a twist.

Unlike traditional sports bets, it’s not so much about looking for the best odds available.

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But with fantasy football, it’s a little more complicated than that. The focus is more on how successful at being a manager you are than the betting odds, and your team winning more points than whoever you’re betting against.

Basically, you bet if your team will get more points per player than someone else’s, the winner takes the coin. So, having the best available players on your team is what counts.

Making Your Team the Pick of the Bunch

Making some money means having the best team and that means nearly being able to see into the future. Injuries, transfers, even national commitments can all effect a player’s ability to reach their potential, so it’s crucial to gather as much intel as physically possible to make the most of your team’s chances.

There’s many scout websites online, or why not try our top tips for better selections.

Up-coming Fixtures are Key

Keeping one eye on the future games is probably the most crucial thing any good fantasy manager can do. Goalkeepers keeping a clean sheet adds valuable points, as do defenders who can gain assist points.

Rotating your team week-by-week depending on which teams are meeting each other is a great way to bump up your points.

The Top Teams are That for a Reason

With the Premier League, the top six teams each season seldom change, just the order that they finish in. Looking to pick the maximum players (usually 3) from at least a couple of the top teams will help set you up for a great season.

Comparing this to a great striker from a not so hot club sounds romantic, but there’s no room for romance in football.

Play Players Who Play

It sounds simple, but taking into account things like managerial disputes with players could make or break your team. You get nothing from a great player warming the bench.

Think Paul Pogba and Jose Mourinho’s relationship at Manchester United; as good a player as he was, if Mourinho doesn’t play him, you can’t get the points!

Likewise when national teams are scheduled. Managers become suddenly under pressure to rest their stars for easier games for the good of the country.

Defense is the Best Form of Attack

A middle of the range defender who takes a lot of free kicks could be just what the doctor ordered some weeks. Remember, it’s not like real football. Your midfielder who allowed far too many shots on goal that your keeper saved, but netted one himself, will be money in the bank come points time.

The Best Keeper isn’t Always a Keeper

The best Goalkeepers on the market come with a hefty price tag and is not always justified for the points on offer for a clean sheet. A better strategy would be two mid-range Keepers that can be rotated to suit your upcoming fixtures.

There’s no Place for Loyalty

Possibly the hardest decision to make is to not pick your team’s players. Remember, you’re not betting on your favourite team to win, you’re accumulating points in each position depending on the schedule. Leave your heart on your sleeve, but pick with your head!