How Fantasy Football Expands the Horizons of Football Fans

2:13pm May 17 2020

Within the realms of football activities, from going to the stadium to speculating on transfers, fantasy football stands out as perhaps the most unique offering.

Many extracurricular football activities require a degree of skill or knowledge to be enjoyed, while others are primarily aimed at newcomers to the sport: there seems to be a distinct split in the extent to which an activity can appeal to sets of football fans.

Fantasy football, though, lends itself to the seasoned, knowledgeable, intermediate, and novice football fans. Not only this, but the extent of the activity lends its skills and accessibility to other popular forms of football engagement.

So, essentially, if anyone wants to expand their involvement with football beyond playing the sport and watching live games, fantasy football is the perfect gateway to do so.

The flexibility and longevity of fantasy football

The sheer range of people that fantasy football appeals to is a credit to the flexibility of its format. Everyone gets the same budget, number of transfers, and selection of players to sign to their team.

From there, fantasy players have a plethora of resources to utilise if they wish, such as our Fantasy Premier League Watchlist series, or they can use their gut instincts and the baseline points tallies accrued over several weeks of competition.

Fantasy football isn’t just for beginners, though. As scoring in modern fantasy football runs far deeper than it once did, veterans of the sport who recognise the significance of certain in-depth player and team stats can utilise the full extent of their knowledge.

However, as the game is inherently tied to the luck of predicting outcomes while being restricted by a budget, newcomers can still be competitive. So all walks of football fan can enter into and enjoy the fantasy football scene.

In doing so, fans increase their engagement levels with the sport. From the perspective of a novice, they’ll get to learn who the best players are, the teams to watch, and which aspects of the game matter the most.

This naturally enhances their knowledge and fondness of the sport in the competitive community of fantasy football. For seasoned fans, they can tap into their experience of the game, commit to further statistical research and analysis, and use their knowledge to provide the ample competition which encourages others to dig deeper in the beautiful game.

Fantasy football, at least on the Premier League front, has been sure to adapt and develop with the times to increase its accessibility. As noted earlier, the depth of scoring through real-life football stats has expanded massively over the last few years in fantasy football.

The game also made an important leap to offering fantasy football through the Premier League’s official app, which makes it even easier for players, particularly newcomers, to keep up with the action and stay involved in their fantasy league.

Offering transferable skills for further football engagement

Fantasy football keeps fans engaged beyond the 90 minutes of a game on-screen, inviting them to look deeper into the stats and performances that come from a match and how they will progress going forward. Having more knowledge of a sport makes someone much more likely to enjoy it, which is why fantasy football works as a prime gateway into other forms of football engagement.

One of the easiest segues for fantasy players is into virtual football. While there is an element of analysis involved in both fantasy and virtual football, there’s no way of truly predicting the outcome of either – which is where the entertainment comes from.

So, knowing how the stats dictate the play can come in handy when analysing the information presented by the best virtual football betting sites, but there’s still that key element of luck which makes it so accessible to all.

As all of the matches are fair, swayed by statistics, but are also influenced by the RNG functions, virtual football can make good use of fantasy football skills.

Then, of course, there’s the next step: outcome predictions. Analysing players within the scope of fantasy football allows for a much more in-depth view of upcoming matches as you know how individuals are performing as opposed to having just an oversight team units.

This allows you to spot particular strengths and weaknesses in either team, seeing ways in which one team can get an advantage over the other. These are the decisive factors that even club managers look to when devising their strategies.

Fantasy football offers an accessible and enjoyable way for all types of football fans to engage with the sport on a heightened level, with the communal competition spurring further intrigue. On its own, fantasy is excellent for the fans, but it also sets them up to be in good standing across all other football activities.