How is playing Online Poker similar to Fantasy Football?

8:52am Mar 14 2021

Those who enjoy playing poker online and fantasy football will understand how much fun both can be. Both in fantasy football and poker you need to use your head, and sometimes you need a bit of luck. 

For example, you have picked Manchester United’s midfielder Bruno Fernandes as your captain at the start of the week. Anyone who plays fantasy football regularly will be well aware that captains get extra points. You are feeling confident he will bring in some high scores before a ball is even kicked. The same goes for poker, if you are dealt an ace or another high picture card you are more than likely to feel very confident before the “flop” has been dealt. Although one of your opponents could easily have “pocket aces” you’ll still be feeling happy. But as we all know in cards and in football, anything can happen!

Hard to Predict

One of the reasons so many love poker and fantasy football is that anything can happen. The money for television rights is delegated amongst every team in the Premier League. Due to its popularity all around the world, TV companies and internet providers compete with each other in an attempt to win the rights to televise football games. This means even the lower teams in the English Premier League are awarded huge financial benefits annually. This allows smaller clubs in the Premier League to retain some of their big players, which helps them compete against England’s top six clubs. In other words, anything can happen and that’s what makes picking your fantasy football team challenging. 

Poker, although with practice, hard work, and studying the game will help improve your gameplay, it is still extremely hard to predict, and just like Premier League football, anything can happen. You could have “pocket aces” and your opponent could have “7 & 2” unsuited (technically the worst cards you can be dealt) and you could still lose. Statistically, you will be the favorite by far, but there is still a possibility of losing. 

You can Gamble on both with Your Friends

It is common for people to gamble on Interac casino sites, online poker and fantasy football. Some people like to create their own league with their friends in fantasy football with each person putting in a certain amount of cash at the start of the season. Most private leagues tend to have different rules. In many private leagues, the person with the most points gained at the end of the season will take all the cash, while others will give a prize to both first and second. Some even give cash prizes away weekly.

Poker can work in a similar way. You too can create a private poker table with just your friends, and some platforms even allow you to decide your own rules. Again, you can choose the winner to take all or you can decide to give prizes to the second. 

Playing both fantasy football and poker online nowadays is a great way to stay in contact with your friends. Most of the platforms allow you to communicate with each other, which can add to the fun and the excitement. 

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Something Exciting to do during the Pandemic

The ongoing pandemic has had a devastating effect on most of our lives. Some traditional casinos remain closed and others have reopened however they have had to enforce strict rules and regulations to help reduce the spread of the daily virus. Most contact sports have been canceled, so partaking in sports is not an option. With most bars, restaurants, and nightclubs still closed, there is not much to help us feel excited. Most of us have felt very bored at times during the pandemic, so many of us have turned to playing fantasy football or poker online to help us feel alive again!

Playing traditional poker is very difficult during the pandemic. To help stop the spread of Covid-19, experts advise us to practice social distancing which is difficult when you are sitting down at a poker table. To be extra careful, each card has to be sanitized after an opponent or the dealer touches it. This can prove problematic too. That’s why so many people have decided to play poker online. Because we are advised not to go out, many of us have decided to hit the poker tables on the weekends to help us feel excited again.

Each Premier League club is part of a bubble that allows them to play football. Each team has strict rules to help the players avoid contracting the virus and they have regular Covid checks. This allows the league to continue, which has been great news for those playing fantasy football. Although fans are not allowed access to the stadiums, the Premier League is just as exciting as ever. 

Similar Decision Making

Both fantasy football and online poker are all about decision-making. To be able to make good decisions regularly, you have to understand both games. Although this won’t guarantee the outcome of each game, having watched and studied will help you.

The more you play online poker, the better you will get. You will understand the cards better, the probability, how other players play, what and when you should raise and fold. It might not seem like it at the start, but there is a lot to learn when it comes to online poker. There are plenty of books available to help you study and many professionals provide courses to help improve your game. 

Just like poker, there is a lot more to fantasy football than you might think. Learning about each individual player before you pick him for your team is vital. Here are a few things you should consider before adding him to your team:

  • Are they injury-prone: If they get injured regularly, is it really worth adding them to your team.
  • Do they play for an international team: If they play for an international team, especially in Africa or Asia they might be forced to play international games during the season. Plus, they will have more games each year playing for their country so the chances of them sustaining an injury or feeling tired are higher than others.
  • What team do they play for: If they play for a good side they will probably get you more points than an average side. Better sides have stronger defenders, better goalkeepers, midfielders that help create and score goals, and top stickers. This makes them harder to beat, so the players on these teams tend to have better scores. 


Although you can win a game of poker by getting lucky, over time expect good poker players to do better. The same goes for fantasy football. Participants who keep track of the players form, appearances, and scores tend to get higher scores over time. 


Although many people like to gamble, you can play fantasy football and poker online for free. Playing fantasy football online is a great way to show your friends your knowledge of the game and playing poker online for free can help you improve your skills without having to worry about losing your hard-earned cash.

Gambling on both fantasy football and playing poker online is great fun, but remember to gamble responsibly. For more information, visit Gamstop