How To Play Fantasy Football Bingo

11:29am Jul 10 2020

When it comes to football and bingo, it is safe to say that these two games – albeit very different – are two of the most popular British pastimes of all.

Whereas football is all about movement and teamwork, bingo is a much more cerebral practice that pits individuals against one another.

Now though, the two can be combined in a thrilling game that is gaining more and more popularity across the UK. Yes, fantasy football bingo is here and players can’t get enough of this exciting new way to play.

Football has simply never gone out of style, yet the comeback of bingo in recent years has surprised many. It seems that the advent of online bingo sites has revitalised this traditional game and if this sounds interesting to you, you can find out about the best bingo sites at

In this article, we will walk you through the steps of playing fantasy football bingo in all of its many iterations. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the first step to enjoying a game of fantasy football bingo.

Choose your scenarios

Of course, the first step to creating any kind of bingo game is to select your ‘numbers’ or, in this case, your scenarios.

Fantasy Football Bingo works by each player having a grid made up of different scenarios that could occur over the coming round of fixtures. For example ‘X misses an open goal’ or ‘Y gets sent off’.

The best and most fun way to do this is to have all players involved write down a few suggestions before mixing them all up and dividing them out between the players.

Each player then creates their card from the scenarios they receive and eagerly anticipate their coming to life over the next round of fixtures. Whoever fills their card first (or gets a line, your choice) wins!

Our tip here is to try to be as creative and humorous as possible with your scenarios. The joy of fantasy football bingo lies here and it’s no good simply suggesting who is going to win or score the most goals. Get creative just like the best bingo sites do!

Equally, try not to go too obscure with your scenarios. If you suggest something that could never happen in a million years such as ‘X scores a hat-trick, jumps into the stand, eats a pie, drinks a pint, then scores another three’ you might get a laugh but you’re not playing in the spirit of the game!

Marking off your fantasy football bingo card

When it comes to marking off your card, be sure to pay attention to all of the relevant aspects of the game. Awareness is key just as with the best online bingo sites and if one of the scenarios you need is that manager X says or does something in a post-match interview, then you should probably tune in!

Likewise, if your scenarios involve the game itself, it makes sense to watch along. Of course, this is best done with a  group of friends, some cold beers and a selection of delicious snacks. A

s with all forms of bingo and online bingo sites, fantasy football bingo is all about cultivating a memorable experience!