How to Use Statistics to Your Advantage When Playing FPL

10:39am Feb 4 2020

How easy is it for us to use statistics to our advantage when playing Fantasy Premier League?

Statistics are like a bikini – they show a lot, but don’t reveal everything. Despite that, statistics could play an important role when selecting a Fantasy Premier League lineup.

That is particularly true for the final part of the season because there is a lot of statistics to consider.

In this article, we’ll try to show to use all the information to your advantage, each and every Gameweek.

The Current Form

We are starting with the basics of statistics, and that’s the current form of a player and his team. Take a look at the recent matches of the player you want to select.

Did he score a lot of goals or receive a high rating for his performances? And even more important, did he play regularly for the team?

And what about his club, did they have positive results in the last several matches? Do they have an active winning or losing streak?

All that might be an indicator of how they will play in the next match, but don’t forget to check the opponent’s form, too.

It might be hard to score goals against a contender if you are a team that fights to avoid relegation.

You can use the current form when betting, too. It can be a fine indicator of what you can expect from a team in the next match. Before wagering, learn more about the 888Sport bonus code and use the welcome offer to boost profit when placing ante-post or in-play bets.

The Team’s Style of Play

When selecting your FPL lineup, you need to choose goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, and attackers. That is why it is important to consider the style of play of teams throughout the Premier League.

For example, you can choose Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang from Arsenal as your star attacker.

He and his team both tend to score goals, but also concede them. However, you won’t care that they are conceding goals because it’s scoring that should bring points from Aubameyang.

At the same time, the fact they rarely have clean sheets means it’s not wise to pick defenders from Arsenal. Instead, you might want to go for a more disciplined team like Liverpool or Sheffield United.

Sheffield United concede less than one goal per match on average after 24 matches played, which gives you a decent chance of clean sheet points.

Apart from the number of goals scored, the average amount of shots, passes, and even possession rates could tell you more about the team’s style of play. If you know how to use that to your advantage, your chances of fantasy success improve greatly.

Current Team News

While these are not exactly statistics, they provide important insight into what you can expect in the upcoming matches. Make sure to read the latest news to learn about injuries, bad atmosphere, and other factors that could compromise the performance of your players.

It is only by staying in the loop that you can choose your squad wisely. Once you gather all information, assess available players on the market, and pick ones that fit your budget.