Introducing Football Survivor - The Last Man Standing App

10:30am Jan 16 2020

The Fantasy Football Pundits’ Last Man Standing league on Football Survivor kicks off in Gameweek 23

Many of you will remember our partnership with Football Survivor when they launched a free-to-play website for the 2016-17 FPL season.

We absolutely loved their game then and we remember hundreds, if not thousands of you who joined our weekly league on their site did too!

Our good friends at Football Survivor have taken a few years out to redefine the product and get their UK gambling licence in place, but thankfully, they are now back on the scene and have just re-launched with an extremely slick brand spanking new app.

Therefore, we can now all play Last Man Standing on their platform for money (finally!) and win some cash too.

For those of you who that already play Last Man Standing competitions with your mates and work colleagues, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s an absolute nightmare tracking results in spreadsheets, WhatsApp and private Facebook messenger groups, etc.

We’ve seen a few companies try to make Last Man Standing apps in the past and all of them have been terribly designed and with poor customer service.

To us, Football Survivor returning is a breath of fresh air and if you too enjoy playing Last Man Standing or predictor games, you’re going to love this app!

We have been involved in the testing of the new Football Survivor app and can confirm, with confidence, that it’s super easy to use, has a very clean and slick design and automates the whole Last Man Standing game.

For those of you who haven’t heard of the Last Man Standing betting game, below is a quick crash course:

Traditional ‘Last Man Standing’ concept

  1. Players get together and create their own private league. If you want to participate in the league, you have to pay the entry fee.
  2. All the entry fees make up a pot of winnings.
  3. Every week, each player must choose 1 team in the Premier League to win.
  4. Once you have chosen a team once, you cannot pick them again in future weeks.
  5. If you get your selection correct, you proceed to the next week. Wrong, and you are out the league.
  6. Whichever player lasts the longest wins the pot of cash.

As you can see it’s a super easy game to play and doesn’t require too much of your time each – certainly not the amount of time we spend on our FPL team each week!

Football Survivor - The Last Man Standing App

Football Survivor have taken this popular game and added a few extra bits to it, making it even better, in our opinion.

They allow the league creator (administrator) to adapt the rules their league is ran by.

Game rules you can choose from

  • Winning Market – Pick a team to:
    • Win (default)
    • Have a clean sheet
    • Score Under 1.5 Goals / Over 2.5 Goals
    • Be awarded Under 3.5 / 4-7 / Over 7.5 Corners
  • Entry Fee amount
  • Amount of Lives
  • Pot Payout Structure
    • Winner Takes All
    • 1st , 2nd 3rd
  • Which Gameweek the league starts

As well as offering the ability to set up private leagues, they also provide public leagues with prizes up to £1,000,000 on a weekly basis.

We’ve decided to set up our own Football Survivor Private league just for our community.

FFPundits League Rules

> Buy in – £2.50
> Lives – 1 (this means it’s sudden death)
> Starts: Gameweek 23 (18th January)
> Payout: Winner Takes All
> Our league code is: 282978
> You can download the app here:

The more people that join, the bigger the prize pot is so lets rally together and get a good prize pot going.

If you want to join our FFPundits League, it’s just like fantasy football, where you need to enter a unique league code.

> Our league code is: 282978

> You can download the app here:

The Football Survivor game is available on both iOS and Android in the UK only.

We’ll be sharing articles and tweets on our selection and who we recommend each week – however, everyone has different strategies when it comes to Last Man Standing games so, be sure to play your own game.

Some go for the strong teams first, whilst others try and hold back and get rid of the weaker teams first – the decision is yours.

What’s your strategy going to be?

Click the banner below to download the FREE Football Survivor app and be sure to enter our £5 entry private league using the code: 282978