Introducing Starting11 - The LIVE Daily Fantasy Game

10:47pm Aug 7 2017

A LIVE, Daily Fantasy Football game – built for the fans, by the fans

If you’re reading this, then, like us, you love fantasy football.

If you love fantasy football, then, like us, you probably have some ideas for how the game could be improved.

We’ve taken our ideas and put them into practice by creating Starting 11, a live daily fantasy app for the beautiful game.

Starting 11 is different from traditional fantasy football in a some key respects, but, we want to highlight five major differentiators for the Fantasy Football Pundits readers.

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1. Live Substitutions

So, this is a big one.

Starting 11 gives you three live substitutions to make to your fantasy squad while matches are being played, just like a real manager.

Unlike traditional fantasy football, your control over your lineup doesn’t end before kickoff.

If a player gets injured, subbed off, or is out of form, you can take him out of your lineup there and then, in real-time.

If a player is on fire, you can sub him on.

No more watching hours of research and planning being destroyed within the first five minutes of the weekend.

2. Daily Play

You aren’t stuck with your Starting 11 lineup for 38 gameweeks. Instead, each match day offers you the chance to build a new team.

This makes understanding the dynamics of each gameweek and specific matches that much more important.

Starting11 - Daily Fantasy Football Game - Live scoring and in-play transfers

We’ve all been there: you’ve selected what you think is a great fantasy squad in August, only to be out of the running in your mini-league, your wildcard long since spent, and nowhere near the top overall 1% manager rankings, after only a few weeks.

Starting 11 is the antidote to this problem. Each match day is a chance to build a new squad and win when playing Starting 11.

3. No Salary Cap

We want Starting 11 to be accessible for all fans, not just salary value-hunters – and we want you to be able to select your ideal squad each match day.

The only limitations to the lineup you can construct are positional requirements (at least 3 defenders, 3 midfielders, and 1 forward), team requirements (must have players in your lineup from at least two teams playing in two separate matches), and your imagination.

Salary cap formats test your ability to find points-per-pound bargains.

Starting 11 tests your ability to build the best possible lineup, and make the best possible substitutions.

4. Scoring that Rewards Impact Players

Starting 11’s scoring system tracks more statistics than a traditional fantasy football game, but not so many statistics that it’s impossible to tell how your players are accumulating points.

Basically, we want to reward players who have an impact on the pitch – Kanté is a good example.

The Premier League’s second-leading tackler last season was an impactful defensive midfielder, but his on-pitch contributions aren’t recognised in most traditional scoring formats.

Because Starting 11 rewards completed passes, tackles won, duels won, and intercepted passes, we’ve increased the usable player pool to reward on-pitch impact.

5. Design

Football is beautiful – and we’ve tried to build a platform worthy of the beautiful game.

Traditional fantasy platforms, some might suggest, are lacking in that department – especially when it comes to the mobile version of those games.

Starting 11 is clean, crisp, and sleek.

From our ‘bird’s eye’ look at your squad on the pitch, to our player cards that let you graphically track individual player scoring in real-time, to our ‘team list’ view providing instantaneous points scored and minutes played updates – we’ve designed Starting 11 with the quality of your visual experience in mind.

We hope you’ll join us by downloading Starting 11 in the App Store or Google Play Store.

You can also check us out at

Together, we’ll build the future of fantasy football.