Late Registration Now Open for FanTeam’s €1,000,000 Season-long Game

9:10pm Sep 17 2020

Late registration is now open for FanTeam’s €1m season-long game – start on 46 points in Gameweek 2

FanTeam million - late registration open

If you didn’t manage to enter your team for FanTeam’s €1,000,000 fantasy game before the Gameweek 1 deadline – fear not!

You have another chance to register a team ahead of this weekend’s Premier League Gameweek action – and you won’t start on zero points as the Gameweek 1 entries did.

Late Registration is now open for the FanTeam season-long game, with late entrants still firmly in contention for the €200,000 top prize, as well as the profit for finishing in the top 5,659 places.

And that’s not to mention the weekly and monthly prizes up for grabs…

New teams registered before the next Gameweek 2 deadline on Saturday at 11am BST will start with 70% of the average Gameweek 1 score – which equates to 46 points).

This mean, if you enter a team for Gameweek 2, you will immediately have more points than roughly 7,000 managers who entered the competition before Gameweek 1, with the addition of several extra benefits, which we’ll explain below.

Unlimited Transfers

Late entries to FanTeam’s €1m season-long game will be able to make unlimited transfers between now and the Gameweek 2 deadline. Just like activating your Wildcard or Free Hit on FPL.

Whilst entries from the start of the season will have 1 free transfer to use before the start of Gameweek 2 and the first wildcard in the locker, late entrants have the ability to make as many changes as they please before selecting their final side before the Gameweek deadline, as well as having that all important first wildcard still available.

Gameweek 1 Data and Stats

It can feel like shooting in the dark picking a team before the season starts, with no meaningful form or confidence to draw from in most cases.

This, however, is not the case for late entrants to FanTeam’s season-long game, as they will have the added benefit of seeing 16 Premier League teams in action before they choose their side.

This allows managers to observe how teams will line up, how new signings are being integrated, utilise underlying statistics and their own eye-test judgements when creating their teams from scratch.

Manchester United and City Players

Four Premier League teams didn’t have a fixture in Gameweek 1 – Manchester United, Manchester City, Burnley, and Aston Villa.

Whilst these players missing Gameweek 1 may have dissuaded managers from picking players from these clubs in their Gameweek 1 side, late entrants can take their pick of players from these teams, safe in the knowledge that they all have a fixture in the Premier League this coming Gameweek.

Could late entrants potentially gain an edge by selecting the likes of Bruno Fernandes (11.0M) and Raheem Sterling (11.0M) from the off, where managers starting before Gameweek 1 may have omitted these players due to the tricky blank to start the season.

If you’re new to FanTeam, check out our Introduction to FanTeam article here to see what it’s all about, or simply click the yellow FanTeam below for more info and to create your free account.

FanTeam million - late registration open