The FFPundits' McDonald's World Cup Fantasy Football League

12:40am Jun 8 2018

Our 2018 McDonald’s World Cup Fantasy Football league is now LIVE and there are cash prizes to be won!

The stage is set – the wait is over – World Cup Fantasy Football returns to The Fantasy Football Pundits after 4 long years and boy are we excited to have you join us.

Oh, and we’re throwing some money at the prize pool, to keep you all on your toes!

World Cuo Fantasy Football Cash League

After only three weeks of spending ‘quality’ time with our wives and children, the decision for us was easy –  we have cancelled our summer break, partnered up with McDonald’s and decided to play their official FIFA McDonald’s World Cup Fantasy Football game this summer.

Whether you’re glued to your television screen, stuck in an airport terminal having missed your connecting flight or trying to entertain your children at the local soft-play centre, we’ll have everything you need to guide you through the Fantasy World Cup Tournament with informative tweets, videos and written content.

How to join the official FFPundits League

Can England end their 52 years of hurt and win their second FIFA World Cup? Unlikely!

Can Germany defend their crown after their impressive victory four years ago?  Possibly!

Are YOU going to join us for four weeks of World Cup Fantasy Football action and guide your team to glory in our FREE ENTRY, £225 prize-pool cash league? Of course you are!

As our Fantasy Football Pundits mini-league is now open for business, you can join us by clicking the banner below and following the on-screen instructions – it takes less than 60 seconds, we promise.

Alternatively, you can manually enter the league by using the code JSLRNXPV

World Cup Fantasy Football Cash League

When the final whistle blows on the 15th of July, it could be you that walks away with a share of our £225 prize fund and with entry to our league completely free, you’ve nothing to lose and plenty to gain- right?

How To Play

The official World Cup Fantasy Football site shares the same point-scoring-system and formations as the Fantasy Premier League game most of us know and love, so shouldn’t take long to familiarise yourselves with.

You must create and submit a 15-man squad within the allocated budget, have 11 starting players (4 on the bench) each match-day and you must assign a captain, who will bag you those all-important double points.

The main key difference here is managing your substitutions within a round – while on FPL your lineup is locked in once the deadline has passed, during the World Cup game, you can bring players in to your starting 11 who have yet to play from your substitutes bench – a second chance at success.

Captain fail? Not a problem – you can pass the armband on to another player in your team and watch him score the hat-trick your original captain failed to deliver.

Sound daunting? Don’t worry – we are going to talk you though our very own Pundits Team squad and substitutions via articles, video and social media throughout the competition and help clear up any added features which we think add to the overall game-play experience.

Click here for a full write-up on the McDonald’s game rules and procedures – once you’ve entered our official Fantasy Football Pundits cash league of course… priorities people, priorities!

Any Questions?

We’ll be publishing articles and informative tweets throughout the tournament to help keep you entertained and up to date with the transfers and gameweek substitutions of our very own Pundits Team.

We will also be on hand via Twitter to answer any questions you might have regarding the game rules, or, to help you with any transfer, wildcard or captaincy queries you might have, so please feel free to follow and contact us anytime:


The lovely Holly from Fantasy Football Community will be bringing us EIGHT beautifully written articles which will take you through the key teams and players in Groups A to H, with her hot picks and a few cheeky differentials thrown in for good measure.

Ryan from FPLTips will be providing plenty of World Cup content via his popular and well-established YouTube channel, so, be sure to subscribe to stay up to date with our latest videos.

Our Pundits Team transfers and captaincy picks will be posted to Twitter every day, so feel free to follow our updates and join in the discussion as we look forward to hearing from you.

There are very few sporting events which can unite the entire world, so get your wall charts up, fill your fridges with ice-cold refreshments and for those of you with children, hire a babysitter – The 2018 FIFA World Cup is almost upon us…