My Little Nuts - A NEW Draft Style Fantasy Football Game

9:22am Mar 6 2018

My Little Nuts (MLN) is a brand spanking new way to play fantasy football

My Little Nuts - Draft Fantasy Premier League Football

MLN is the number 1 fantasy game in France, with half a million players on the other side of the channel – and now it’s invading the UK.

So, how is MLN different to FPL?

1. Draft style transfer windows (unique teams)
2. Only head-to-head leagues (3 points for a win)
3. A completely unique scoring system (goals win games)

If you like the sound of that and fancy getting straight stuck in, then head over to and you can try our training mode, which will take you through everything.

The Transfer Window

MLN has a unique transfer system. At the beginning of the game everyone in the league receives £500m to put together an 18 man squad (so far pretty standard).

However, the selection method is completely unique – there is a blind bidding system in which each player submits a bid for players without the others in the league knowing what that bid is.

The bids are then revealed and the highest bid takes the prize.

There are several rounds until everyone has 18 players and are happy to finish their bidding.

The Leagues

All leagues are head-to-head (no more 1,000,000th place ranking), where you will play against your mates in a league between 1-10 players.

You’ll face each opponent twice per season and that’s the end of the league – a league therefore lasts between 2 and 18 weeks, to the winner go the spoils. 3 points for a win and 1 for a draw just like real football.


So how do you win? well it’s simple: goals win games.

When a player scores in real life you get a goal and most goals win the game. However, to make it more exciting, we have virtual MLN goals.

These are virtual goals scored based on the performance rating of your players compared to that of your opponents.

There’s a full break down of how this is statistically assessed in our rules section.

Expert mode

Expect mode really takes things up a notch. It allows you to buy and sell any player (if they’re available) to and from the league. It also allows you to make “Black Market” trades with other players in your league.

If you missed out on a key player in the window this gives you the chance to fix it. Expert mode is usually a paid option however from now on new players will be offered a free try of expert mode for 1 season.


Just to spice things up a bit, there’s a few extra components worth knowing about.

Bonuses: each player has 3 bonuses per season, these allow you to do things like boost a certain player’s performance or minus one goal for the opponents team.

Tactical subs: these add an interesting element in that you can decide on whether a player comes off the bench.

Rotaldo: a Rotaldo is a factional player that comes in if you forget to set your team. Rotaldo automatically gets a 2.5 and thus makes it far easier for you to concede a virtual goal.

So there we have MLN and it’s new unique take on fantasy football.

If you’re interested head over to and try it out.

There’s also a training mode if you want a bit of a soft introduction – if not, get some friends together and start a league. You’ll only need 2 of you to give it a go.

My Little Nuts - Draft Fantasy Premier League Football