Naomi Osaka invests in North Carolina Courage

4:10pm Feb 17 2021

The World’s number three become co-owner of the reigning NWSL champions after being highly impressed by their community work towards equality and also diversity. Naomi Osaka is nowadays the co-owner of professional women’s football team North Carolina Courage, which is, without a doubt, a great deal for her and for the team. And If you have nothing to do and you’re just at home because of the coronavirus, which nowadays is just increasing in Tokyo and it’s around areas, then you’re always able to register yourself at a bookmaker and make some bets. You have to choose which one is the best for you, but you’ll choose it quickly. Don’t forget that are a lot of bookmakers available nowadays and you should choose wisely.

Coming back to Naomi Osaka, She is a three-time grand slam winner who has earned more than $17 million during her whole career and now she’s currently in Adelaide preparing for the Australian Open, where she won the title in 2019, something incredibly normal for her.

Naomi was born in Japan, in Osaka, but has lived the rest of her life in the United States of America since she was three years old, and her other two grand slam titles were won at the US Open in New York City.

Last year, at the Flushing Meadows, she wore the usual protective masks that had the names of many victims of police brutality before and also after each match she went to show she supported and still supports, obviously, the Black Lives Matter movement, plus she even stated that North Carolina Courage’s socially responsible stance was part of the reason for her to choose this team to actually become a part of their organization.

She stated that the women who invested in her growing up made her who she is nowadays and she isn’t able to think of where her life would be without them. Her investment in the North Carolina Courage is much more than just being a team owner, it’s an investment in amazing women who are role models and leaders in what they do and, besides, they’re inspirations to all young female athletes.

She also said that she admires everything that Courage does for equality and for diversity in the community, which it’s something she looks forward to support and take forward.


The Courage moved to North Carolina in the year of 2017 after their organization, which was after known as the Western New York Flash, was bough by Steven Malik, who is an entrepreneur and who still remains until now the chairman of the franchise.

He stated that he’s very happy to welcome Naomi Osaka as an owner of the team, especially because she embodies the values they’ve been striving to build at their team, and she definitely brings an invaluable viewpoint on topics beyond only sports. He couldn’t think of anyone who’s better to help them as they continue to make a difference in the community and to inspire the next generation of women to follow their dreams and much more.

This team plays in the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL), and they were actually crowned champions for the first time in 2019. The league wasn’t held in 2020 because of the Covid-19 pandemic, which is very natural.

What Naomi Osaka did was very smart and she is definitely a great addition to the organization and becoming an owner of this team means a lot for her and for the women in Japan and also in the United States of America. She will surely lead the team through a better path, which is very good.

With Osaka leading, there will be some changes in the way but for the better. Maybe, who knows, the women will have better performances and will win more times, which is something that they really want. This would be incredible and, besides, there are plenty of room for the team to grow.

Something that Naomi can do is to advice these women into playing better, although they are already a great team. But with Naomi’s help, who is a professional, there’s the opportunity to rise higher than they’ve already risen. That’d be definitely something that this team would like.

North Carolina Courage is thriving for winning more championships and that’s where Naomi can do something by advising them and giving them more motivation, since she’s a woman and someone who has been in the spotlight many times, for winning many grand slams before. She’s definitely the right person to co-own this team for plenty of reasons.