Plan for the Blank and Double Gameweek's with this FREE FPL Strategy Tool

9:00am Apr 4 2018

We’ve teamed up with @StrategyFPL to bring you his FREE FPL Strategy Tool, to help FPL bosses plan for the Blanks and Double Gameweek’s with ease - Live Daily Fantasy Football and Soccer

The Strategy FPL Tool has been designed to help the FPL community forward plan transfers and mastermind the perfect chip strategy – for free.

The tool also incorporates daily price changes to make sure managers have the most up to date data, at any given time. Smart, right?

One of the biggest challenges facing FPL bosses is understanding the long-term impact of a transfer and how this will work alongside existing line-ups.

For example, if you are bringing in the pricey Marcos Alonso for Double Gameweek 34 – how will this look alongside your current defence for the rest of the campaign?

This is where the Strategy FPL Tool can help, as the easy to use player selector will automatically update corresponding fixtures for each player.

So if it’s Kyle Walker or perhaps Antonio Valencia vying for that fifth place with the marauding Spaniard – it’s easy to see how the fixtures stack up against one another, helping you make a more informed decision.

In addition to this, Double Gameweek 34, Blank Gameweek 35 and the provisional Double Gameweek 37 have been factored into the fixture schedule.

This means that fantasy managers can see their entire squad for the most important dates in the FPL calendar, well in advance of the deadlines, helping them get a better picture of how their team will look in 2 or 4 weeks time.

Furthermore, this enables chip strategies to be implemented with greater confidence. The issue of Blank Gameweek 35 following Double Gameweek 34 is a prime example, whereby ‘loading up’ could lead to disaster without the Free Hit.

The Strategy FPL tool highlights this with a ‘count’ of Double and Blank Gameweek players.

The link below, which can also be found in the description of @StrategyFPL twitter profile, enables users to ‘create a copy’ of the Google based spreadsheet.

It can also be viewed on Mobile providing Google Drive and Google Sheets are downloaded – if you experience any issues with this, there is a walk through on the @StrategyFPL timeline.