Premium vs. Budget FPL Player Charts for Gameweek 23

12:08pm Jan 9 2018

Introducing @FPL_Finesse’s Premium versus Budget FPL player charts for the upcoming Gameweek 23 fixture schedule

Good day FFP audience, I’m @FPL_Finesse – some of you may already know me from the FPL charts I produce each week on Twitter – or the many other ridiculous tweets I post, but either way, it’s a pleasure to e-meet you.

Today, I want to talk to you, the FFP readers, about my fantasy player charts and what inspired me to create them, in the hope that some of you find them useful and add them to your weekly arsenal of FPL tools.

Firstly, I wanted to create a solid interface with all the stats I needed to make educated transfer decisions, without having to siphon through pages of information, or, having multiple tabs open and flicking between them for each and every player.

Looking at the information available, I decided it needed to contain more than the normal Goals, Assists, Bonus Points, etc.

I needed a way to see how the players were performing over the season, rather than looking at their previous 2 or 3 games – this is great to check immediate form, but doesn’t give you a fully accurate picture.

So, looking at the information I had, I decided that ‘Points Per 90 Minutes’ and ‘Minutes per Goal and Assist’ would give me a much more exact figure of a player’s performance over the course of a season.

Next, I decided to go public with my information on Twitter as I always see FPL bosses asking for advice on a certain player, or what their next transfer should be.

I thought my charts would supply them with the information they needed, which then led to me taking requests to add new players from Twitter users.


For the forwards, I decided to use data for goals and assists, as the points difference is negligible between the two in terms of points – even if the strikers main purpose is to score goals. (see image below)


For midfielders, I had to use goals and assists to judge their performance as their job is to feed the strikers, create chances and also take their own chances. (see image below)

I also included the Bonus Points stat as I feel Bonus Points are harder to score for midfielders, as when a striker scores or the defence keeps a clean-sheet, they get solid Bonus Points.


When it came to defenders, I decided not to include goal data and opted to display clean-sheets instead as I didn’t find it fair to place say, Alonso up against Jones for instance. One of which who mainly plays in midfield and scores goals, the other stays back and defends. (see image below)

Obviously, goals and assists still contribute to the final score and this is reflected in the ‘PP90’ minute stat for defenders.

I’m constantly updating my charts and hope that you, the Fantasy Premier League community, can make good use of them at some point this season.

Recently, I’ve added the colours of injury status’ to the names of the players on my list and I have a lot more planned in the future with Double Gameweek and Blank Gameweek specials so, be sure to keep an eye out for new, weekly updated charts via my Twitter handle,  @FPL_Finesse