Guess the Score and WIN a Lamborghini Gallardo

8:00am Nov 17 2016

You may remember earlier this year we featured a guess the score football game to win an iPad or iPhone? The game was a free competition run by over Euro 2016 and now they’re back with their regular guess the score game that runs, week-in, week-out, throughout the regular premier league season.

The principals of the game remain the same but this time you’re playing to win their star prize, a Lamborghini Gallardo super car! All you have to do to play along is visit and attempt to pick the football scores for the games happening this weekend.


To win the car, you’re going to need to correctly predict the scores in 10 games. We know it’s tough but it’s completely free to play, no strings attached – you won’t be spammed or have your e-mail address sold on, so why not?

As an added incentive, if you happen to share the fact that you’re playing to your Twitter or Facebook followers then you’re allowed to get 1 score incorrect and still win the car! You don’t need to select which game you’re unsure about either.

Any of your picks can be incorrect and you’ll still be in the running for the star prize! All you have to do to share is to click the share button after you’ve submitted your entries. It couldn’t be easier!

£1,000 Alternative Cash Prize

On top of this great prize and due to the fact they know how tough it is to win. They also want to make it interesting and offer a £1,000 cash prize for whoever gets the most results correct for a given week!

This prize is available every week and is frequently won by players who solely get 3 or 4 out of the 10 games correct! How easy is that.

You can read the full rules to the game and get instructions on how to play over at – The game is also provably fair and you can download a spreadsheet containing everyone’s entries to the game at hand once the first game has started.

The weekly game typically opens for entries on a Monday morning and you can submit your score predictions right up until 30 minutes before kick off on a Saturday.

The games for the current week typically span over the course of a weekend, so 10 games over a Saturday or Sunday for you to correctly predict.

There is also a live scoring page where you can follow the action as it happens and also see how many people are left in the game to compete against.

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