Russia World Cup 2018 - Odds Makers prefer Germany & Brazil

3:17pm May 3 2018

Few things in life happen in such consistent manner as Brazil and Germany topping the prediction lists for the legendary World Cup every 4 years, and there are very good reasons for that: both teams have led the champion’s record throughout the entire history of the tournament, and appear poised to continue on their successful careers when they meet again in Russia for the 2018 edition.

Belgium, Mexico, Spain and Argentina are also rearing their heads in an attempt to regain some of the glory lost in previous instances. Will we witness stunning new upsets from the likes of underdogs like Egypt or Costa Rica this time around?

Let us delve a bit deeper into the odds charts to try and gain some better insight the world’s biggest sporting event.

The Group stage of the competition is the indisputable starting point for a successful betting strategy; any hits or misses during this period will strongly impact the evolution of the tournament as a whole, so it is very important to evaluate the different teams’ strengths and weaknesses before drawing the entire bracket map up to the final game.

Nevertheless, the majority of sports betting sites around the globe have already made their picks for the teams they believe have the best chances at winning in Russia: Germany and Brazil are virtually tied up to the cusp of the lists, followed by France, Spain, Argentina and the Belgian team, which promises to infuse each match with its youthful and powerful energy.

You can already find a vast variety of odds for outright winner on the internet, alongside special World Cup free bet offers to give a boost to your action experience.

This is essential as football betting is far more about in-depth knowledge of the sport, the teams and the players than it is about blind luck. Luck plays a part, to be sure, but if you want to maximize your winnings and ensure that you’re being as responsible as possible, make sure you’ve done your homework. Fortunately, it’s never been easier than it is today.

Two will move on and other two will go home

It came as a shock to many football fans that consolidated teams of the longest trajectory failed to make the cut during the qualification process, as was the case of Chile and Italy, but gladly, most of the world’s best performing teams return to Russia for another shot at the golden trophy.

With the single exception of the Group B’s line-up that includes Spain and Portugal, most of the planet’s finest squads have fallen into groups with average to minimum qualification risks, however, as it occurred during the Brazil edition back in 2014, a junior team like Costa Rica may show up from under the radar and knock out several power houses.

A tough start for the host

Russia is positioned in Group A next to South American titan Uruguay, Saudi Arabia and a fairly interesting Egypt team. Dzagoev and co. may have more obstacles on the horizon than Uruguay alone, having to live up to the expectations raised by their preeminent host status, and while Saudi Arabia is everyone’s pick for worst performer of the bunch, Mohammed Salah’s squad is filled with promise and is the deserving recipient for lots of positive speculation.

Positioned in a distant Group E we find the previous show runners Brazil, thirsty for blood after their shameful defeat before Germany at home, but the current world champions won’t likely give up the title, with the aid of Bayern’s Jerome Boateng and midfielder Thomas Muller.

As ever before, eyes will be set on Cristiano Ronaldo and his well-rounded Portugal team, as well as on Argentina’s Lionel Messi; despite the South American troop’s mediocre performance during the qualification stages, Argentina remains a confident card to play in the upcoming World Cup.