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12:54pm Sep 5 2017

Load up your Starting 11 team with all-stars from Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City and Spurs, each and every FPL Gameweek without restriction

Playing Starting 11 after playing FPL certainly requires a period of adjustment, as you’re no longer restricted by a £100m budget, or, only selecting 3 players from each club.

The only limitation is that you must have players from at least two teams playing in two different matches.

At its core, Starting 11 plays with one of my favourite concepts of FPL – team creation.

Creating a team in FPL is my favourite part of the game and with Starting 11, I get to do that every match day, of every FPL gameweek.

See below a fantastic how-to-play video which tells you everything you need to know about how to get started with Starting 11.

With the freedom of choice comes another layer of strategy

1. Do you select a cluster of players from one club who you think will score the most goals AND keep a clean sheet?

2. Do you go for star men across each position?

3. Do you have a defence stack from just one team and gamble on the clean sheet and everything in between?

There are so many questions to answer, but the beauty of Starting 11 is that there’s no right or wrong way to play it.

You could put 10 players from Manchester United into your lineup and still score well, but as an FPL manager, it’s all about maximum gains.

I am still perfecting my Starting 11 strategy as I’m a relative newcomer to this game, but given I’m now free of the restrictions of FPL, I can pick and play my ultimate fantasy football team in Starting 11.

The recipe for success

With freedom comes more choice and this game is like playing your ultimate wildcard, every gameweek – with more choice comes more strategy and the first choice is your back-line.

I have always been a big advocate that clean sheets are underrated in fantasy football and here is where you can get on your way to a big score and winning those all-important head to heads in Starting11.

Three at the back is the go to formation for me, seeing as midfielders and strikers are free scoring these days – It also minimises risk of losing a clean sheet.

Dale's Starting11 defenders for Gameweek 3 - app

I personally look towards teams that I know are defensively solid and are at home, generally Manchester United, Tottenham and maybe Arsenal if they’re playing teams lower in the table teams at home.

I then would put a West Brom defender in there too as Tony Pulis loves a clean sheet, but his defenders also get into the box and score goals.

For me, as an FPL manager, the awesome part of Starting 11 is that I can play my dream midfield and attack, without worrying about what changes I’ll need to make the following gameweek.

Liverpool sharing the points around the midfield? No problem, you can double or treble up.

Lukaku, Kane and Aguero playing teams in and around the bottom? No problem, take all 3!

You can load up on the big name players as you see fit.

To me, it’s a bit like playing FIFA with the money cheat enabled – you can build a team of Premier League all-stars, and that’s where the fun lies in this game for me.

There’s also the added strategy of substitutions – a really fun aspect of the game and a welcome change and I’ll be tackling the strategy of substitutions in my next article.

Overall, Starting 11 is a really fun game to play and is a welcome distraction to FPL.

I can build an all-star team or make one full of differentials – the options are endless and without restriction.

How do I get involved?

I’ll be playing Starting 11 all season and if you feel like challenging the Chef, then please feel free to tweet me and we will set up a head to head or mini league.

I hope you’ll join @FFPundits and myself, @FFPundits_Dale in Gameweek 4 by downloading their FREE app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Links to both download options can be found below.

Daily Fantasy Premier League -  Daily Fantasy Premier League -

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